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  1. I beat the raid at about the fourth attempt of wiping last night, really easy compared to D1 raids, or we got lucky with team work maybe.


    Anyway, the strike after the raid? Man, nah. That was 10x harder than the raid. ...Didn't finish it.

    Spoiler above for after raid.

  2. On 23/08/2017 at 11:56 PM, AxB said:

    It's only £20 in the UK. Still not worth it.

    I work for Sky so I get SBO purchases free so i'll be getting it, one of the pleasures I've had this week working in a call centre is every single person from Ireland telling me that Conor is going over and it won't even be close. Gotta hand it to him, his fans seem to believe his hype. I just wish it was 100% legit and only the winner took the purse. Just because i'd love to see how fast it would legit end.

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  3. Are you guys on XBONE or PS4? I have a clan already but since I left the job I met them in we don't really talk.

    Edit: Post number 400! I thought i'd made thousands of posts. Maybe that's just how it feels for you guys having to read them.

  4. Old man alert, I remember when football tees used to be really nice and baggy for their respective sizes, the last 20 years or so of having skintight shirts and *shudders* polo necks on them has just put me off getting them. I'm generally a Large but I have Derbys away kit (It was maroon..) a few years ago in XXL and it only just fit me. Bad times for the pie eatin' lads.


    Although if you're looking for your 1980s fix (complete with Umbro logo) look no further than Derbys home kit this season.




    Edit: At least we ditched the Just Eat logo.

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  5. Chaos, you're probably aware already but the quickest way to get to 400 is just play Crucible for a few hours and you'll get drops that put you up to 400. Also throw in the odd 3 of coins too. I got to 400 super quick this way when I realised I had nobody to do raids with.

  6. So I skipped year two of Destiny (I got told off by my wife for apparently spending many, many hours on strikes and raids in year one) (turns out she was quite correct..) and started playing again about three weeks ago in preperation for D2 - I've finally reached light level 400 (Started at 305 which was where I left off) but managed to do it without doing a single raid (quite surprising, drops from crucible and exotic engrams did the trick) and I gotta say I missed this game! Just going to wile away now getting my other two characters to 400, although it wont be hard now with crucible dropping a 400 item every other game.

    I'm glad I stopped playing because the break was good and it made me appreciate playing again.

    The Beta is available for download now but won't log in until the actual day.

  7. Basara was that the £89.99 edition? I Felt a little dirty paying so much for a game (I've never spent more than 35 on any platform for a game) but as you say there was so much content (I'm literally still playing D1) that it's not so bad.

  8. I've got both Portal games from last time. They're one of those 'Really have to play these games one day' games that I might never get around to. One thing about Steam sales is i'll see a game and think 'Ooh, I need that!' and then add it to my basket and find out I already own the game from the last time there was a sale and I said the same thing. 

    One day guys, one day i'll play these games.

    Case in point, I bought all the Doom and Quake games because, well, why not I guess?

  9. Rippa, if you still haven't played LiS yet, go get it and start it right away. As said above it's not my kind of game but when you play through it, it turns out to be the very best game i've played in a long time (When I played it months ago) and it's my only platinum trophy - you can't not platinum it to be fair but still, if you're interested in that sort of thing.


    On that note i've just pre-ordered the new LiS game that's coming in a few months (72 days it says on my PS4!) - I've never ever pre-ordered a game in my life until this.

  10. 21 hours ago, (BP) said:

    Ain't No Grave being redubbed after 27 bummed me out. Although I've really grown on them using Katy Perry for Taker's entrance during the NBC recap special since it's so batshit weird. 

    Is this legit? This is terrible, bad editing around Justin Roberts and random gongs.


  11. I probably read too much into it, probably because i'm the biggest BRAUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN fan in the world ever, but I saw him walking away as half a) showing respect to the Undertaker and b) this isn't my fight, I want Roman.

    Taker lets him leave after that show of respect, Reigns comes out, is disrespectful, and therefore gets chokeslammed.

    And Braun Strowman continues to be the biggest babyface in WWE, and continues to be my hero.

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  12. I completely had enough of Destiny the last year. I haven't played since last March and have had no desire to at all. I'm quite far behind others now so as they're pretty much starting over (apart from cosmetics) I'll be more than happy to jump into year two.

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