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  1. So, I'm a glutton for punishment and decided to watch every WCW ppv from 1999 to the end. I just finished Superbrawl 99. I won't bore you with most of the show since it was pretty forgettable, though mostly inoffensive considering it's WCW in 1999. However, I found one of those "pleasant surprise" matches in the least likely of places.


    The Hogan/Flair main event may very well be their best match together. I was expecting a lot of stalling, Flair looking like an idiot, and a generally sad match, but I got mostly the opposite until the finish. Both guys came out fired up and started the match pretty quickly. They worked a spirited brawl with lots of hate and both guys got busted open. There were some great spots like Hogan trying to fend off a crazed Flair with his belt, including whipping him right in the face as Flair went for the legs. Also Hogan started to hulk up off some Flair chops, but Flair cut him off with an eye-poke and a kick to the nuts (which he should have been doing forever, but the pop that would've gotten in 94 wouldn't have been ideal).


    Now, of course, the finish involves David Flair turning on Ric and making out with newly-debuted Torrie Wilson. Also David, uses a taser on Ric when he's got Hogan in the figure four, but it only hurts Ric in the biggest head-scratcher of the entire thing. However, vintage WCW silliness aside, this is still a great effort from Flair and Hogan who kept up the pace for a good 10 minutes, conveyed the most hate in any match they had together, and both bladed to add to the theatrics. Really fun match throughout for 90% right 10% wrong reasons.

  2. I guess Rollins and Ambrose will headline the actual MITB (as opposed to the title match). I wonder what matches will make this show outside of the ladder matches. Tag titles have been announced, and it looks like Barrett/Ziggler is a possibility, but you'd think those two would go in MITB.


    Also my wrestling senses tell me Rollins and Orton win, and Rollins cashes in on Orton at the ppv or soon after to displace him as HHH's #1 guy.

  3. Could Scott Norton, if built up correctly, have made a good WCW champion? I grew up with NJPW and he always impressed the hell out of me. Seeing him in play such a tiny role in WCW later on was weird to me. That said, I have no idea whether he was any good on the mic. But, even if that were the case, if you gave him a mouthpiece, could he have been a 'good' champion?


    I doubt it.There was only a small window between Vader and Goldberg who were both way better as monster aces, and he didn't compare favorably to Giant or Nash who filled most of that void either. Even though Norton was better in the ring, he wasn't as impressive physically and was completely overshadowed in the charisma department by those two. His WCW ceiling was probably something close to Meng. Actutally, that would've been a great feud to see who was the world's toughest midcarder.

  4. Bo getting chased by the cops was probably the best thing he's ever done. Where did the lines "He touched my bum" and "I'll call the real police" come from? Those were so out of left field for his character but really added to the absurdity of the whole situation. Also Renee's comment "He's terrifying those women."


    Renee and Alex actually had some good banter throughout the show, but this Rich Brennan guy is awful. There's gotta be a better 2nd-stringer for Tom Phillips out there somewhere.


    Neville's Red Arrow with the rebound pin was the highlight of the in-ring action.

  5. None of these are too surprising, although I thought Camacho was turning it around as NXT's #1 jobber. I'll miss hearing Regal say "Ca-Match-O."


    Hopefully Drew can get a decent run in the indies or even TNA. It's weird that they never did anything with him when they've tried to rehab guys like Del Rio and Swagger multiple times.


    Why do I feel like Miz's title run exposed him and ruined his career? I don't remember him being as awful or hated before he won the WWE Championship.

    Because it did expose him. He actually did get worse in the ring post title run, and he was actually pretty loved here right before and during the first month or so of his reign. The thing with Miz is that he never had the presence, talent, or charisma to carry himself to the heights he entered with the 8 month long, main eventing WM, beating Cena at WM, etc. The longer he was the champ the more exposed he was, and being in between a feud between Rock and Cena killed him dead.



    This is dead on. Also that "I Quit" match with Cena was the nail in the coffin for him. One of the worst matches for Cena, and probably the worst match for that gimmick.


    I have no problem with his career arc, though. Miz did show a lot of improvement in his team with Morrison and his solo MITB run, and it was worth a shot to put the belt on him. It didn't work out, and he's never been close to the title since. You could say the experiment ran a bit too long, but I don't begrudge WWE for trying something new.


    How does Rollins clean up? Shave the guy, cut his hair, get him in a suit. Put Flair with him. This is like Ricky Morton in the York Foundation so far.


    He could probably stand to trim his beard up, but don't mess with that hair. New ring gear will go a long way too.

  7. Unfortunately, Kane would fit in just as well from a storyline perspective. It kinda looks like they're building up Rollins/Ambrose, which would no doubt be good, but I really hope they wait on that one. I'm at the front of the "put the belt on Rollins" bandwagon. They can always do him and Ambrose for the title later.

  8. This might get me on some sort of list but it's not like there's this huge number of fantastic Meng/Haku matches out there. Quick whats his 5 best matches? Only a few spring to mind. Benoit, Sting, Wrestlemania w/Andre.



    The triple threat tag with FoF/Nasties/Outsiders at WW3 96.

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  9. What was with Cena making so many obvious spot-calls during his match? He is normally pretty loud, but last night he was yelling "uppercut" to Bray all the way across the ring and mouthing that dance/suplex throw sequence right at the hard camera.

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    The door's wide open for Seth Rollins.


    This is what I'm saying. Rollins winning and becoming the new champion would put over his turn even more, and would help rationalize him joining up with Evolution. He never would've gotten the shot or become champion if he didn't turn on The Shield. It opens it up to fresh title matches with Reigns, Ambrose, Cena, and even Orton if he gets "jealous" of HHH's new chosen one.


    Now that we know MitB will be for the belt, who is going to be in it? Will they retcon del Rio winning a qualifying match last week? If not, what a lame duck entry he'll be against the other guys they'll likely put in. I could see Ambrose/Reigns/Cena/Orton/Cesaro/Wyatt being the others, if they go with a field of 8.



    It really makes too much sense not to do it. They get a bail-out on Bryan being injured and a potentially directionless heel turn. They're not even losing much for match quality with Rollins in that spot. Only other good option is Heyman weaseling Lesnar in there as mystery guy to set up Bryan ending Brock's reign of terror later. Orton or Cena winning would be terrible.


    As for the line-up, I think Cena/Orton/Rollins/Reigns/Ambrose/Del Rio would do it. Maybe Kane takes ADR's spot somehow. I'd like to see Cesaro or Bray get in, but you're going to need some guys for depth on the card with MITB being for the title.

  11. Cena/Lesnar is still way out in front for me when it comes to WWE MOTD.


    I'd probably do Shield/Wyatts at #2


    Then there's an assortment of Punk/Lesnar, Ziggler/ADR (Payback 13), Bryan/Bray, Punk/Cena (MITB 11) in some order.


    The next tier would have Show/ADR (SD LMS), HHH/Sheamus (Ex. Rules 10), Bryan/Sheamus (2/3 falls) Taker/Michaels 2, Cena/Bryan, Bryan/Orton (Raw 2/3/14), Shield/Wyatts 2, Bryan/HHH, and probably a couple others I'm forgetting, but pretty much whatever rounds out my top 3-6 per year.

  12. Nigel couldn't have done any better than Barrett did in that angle. Putting them against Cena is what did that angle in.

    It's definitely possible that the angle still would've bombed, but it didn't help that the group didn't have anyone who looked like they belonged in the ring with the likes of Cena or Orton in the abscence of Bryan either. All due respect to Wade, but there's a huge gap in talent between him and prime Nigel. It's very possible the powers that be would have been more comfortable giving Nigel more to work with. Or maybe Cena would've fallen in love with Nigel like he did with Bryan and tried to put him over whenever he could.

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  13. Nigel would be up there too, but we'll never really now because of his injuries.


    If he could've stayed healthy, he had money written all over him. You slap the name "Wade Barrett" on him and throw him on Season 1 of NXT, and there's a decent chance of being able to pull off the Nexus angle to its full potential. 

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  14. Best part of the show was Dolph saying "I know I'm gonna get pushed further down the card" and HHH shaking his head yes. The angle still makes no sense right now (reinforced by the notorious writer copout "you don't deserve an explanation" promo), but I'll be damned if I don't love Seth Rollins getting a monster push.



    Cole's blather could screw up a wet dream.


    "Oh, come on, not this way! ... ... Damn it."

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  15. Adrian Neville seems to get exponentially less interesting every week. He hasn't had a good interesting match on NXT since the ladder match with Bo. I think the biggest problem with him may be that Zayn is substantially better than him in every way, if their roles were reversed and Zayn had the belt and Neville was feuding with Breeze or Graves on the undercard I probably wouldn't feel this way.


    Neville's rematch with Bo was good and he got quite a bit out of Brodus in their second match. He's not really getting a lot to work with, though. He's been getting the full onslaught of WWE rejects. I'd like to see him getting more interaction with Breeze to get a real feud going.

  16. John Cena needs to give some of that magic healing power to Bryan ASAP. This could have a very sad ending if they're not smart.


    On a lighter note, how can you pass up a Survivor Series team of Taker, Savage, Brock, Foley, and Vader? I think the only way any other team would beat them is 5 DQs, but they would all be left laying.

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  17. See, I'm not worried at all about the face/heel dynamic. Not only was Rollins a fine heel himself just 6 months ago, but Dean Ambrose turning into the next Ricky Morton shattered my perception of "sure thing" face/heel personas.

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  18. I think bringing up a new Shield member would be bad for everyone. Even if it was someone comparably talented like Zayn, he'd still be living in Rollins' shadow, and presumably the whole point of this is to push Rollins which means he needs to beat some guys now. You might be able to get away with jobbing Rollins once or twice if he gets MITB, but you have to be careful not to turn him into Sandow type.

  19. Cesaro made Total Divas, so that's cool. Emma's cameo was pretty good too.


    Anybody else want a spinoff with all the non-wrestling family members? Eva's dad, Crossfit John, The Bella brother, Vinny, Naomi's dad, and Tyson's sister could make for some wacky shenanigans if you contrived some way to get them all in the same place.

  20. I'm down for a Rollins push, but that turn really doesn't make much sense. All the talk about Evolution being washed up and the Shield being the future, the repeated beatdowns, and presumably less than a couple hours for HHH to corrupt Rollins without the others noticing. And "they teased dissension in the past" must be the new "HIAC was setting up a big Bryan comeback." If they needed to break them up, MITB is right around the corner, and the briefcase would've been a much better catalyst.


    Steph's promo ruled, though. Some of that HHH improv talent must have finally rubbed off on her in the last couple of years.



    Was The Shield's worse match as a six-man unit this year's WrestleMania against Kane and the NAO? If so, that's awesome.


    Nah, that was fun. They've had some forgettable ones on Raw and SD, but nothing actively bad I can think of. Worst big match was probably Mania 29, but again, that was more "just there" than actually bad.

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