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  1. That Rollins injury better not be legit. I just thought it was a convenient way to keep him strong by avoiding the finisher exchange at the end and reinforcing that he's not really on the same page as Orton and Kane.

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  2. I'd say if those are the worst Rollins matches you can point to from this year, he's doing really well. I'll trade those two for his roles in the first two Wyatt matches, the tag with Ambrose against the Real Americans, and the double-injury match with RVD. Just like I'd trade Cesaro's first match with RVD for his matches with Zayn, Orton, and Cena. Or like I'd trade the Bryan vs. Kane for Bryan vs. Bray, Orton, and HHH. With the amount of exposure everyone gets these days, it's impossible for even the best workers to not have subpar matches occasionally. Even if Rollins isn't your cup of tea, it's hard to argue he hasn't been involved in a lot more good matches this year than bad ones.

  3. Seth Rollins has been a heel for 90% of his WWE run, and it's yet to stop him from having good matches. Even looking at his recent work, he looked great in MITB, and had a really good match with freakin' RVD the next night. It's hard to imagine the Ambrose matches won't be appearing in this thread in the next couple of months either.

  4. Am I the only one that doesn't like Big Cass at all? Enzo seems like he could make a decent annoying heel manager, but Cass is just a giant goof and his "forced-ness" noticeably stands out on a show where most people are doing ridiculous gimmicks in their first major tv exposure. He also has a Matt Morgan-esque un-intimidating 7-footer aura (like he looks like he'd be an ok NBA bench player, but looks silly trying to be a pro wrestling monster) and possibly the worst finisher in wrestling right now. It's not just that it's an elbow drop, it's a terrible looking elbow drop.


    Can anyone convince me he's appreciably better than Mojo?

  5. What a great Raw, about 100x better than MITB. With all the excitement, I can't fully fault anyone for skipping over this, and I can't believe I'm actually going to type this out... But RVD had really good match in 2014. I've always been a fan of matches where guys sell injuries from big matches the night before, and Rollins and RVD made it work here. Rollins was selling the back early and often on simple moves to build the stakes, and RVD was desperately trying to keep him off the leg. The dueling body part work was honestly some of the most focused and well-executed offense of RVD's life. Rollins using that Marufuji-style dragon screw over the ropes was a great spot made even better by RVD's bump off of it. Rollins is also really good at selling the toll of a match.


    Then you cut in with another awesome Ambrose promo, and Rollins "slightly scared but doesn't wanna show it" trash talking and I'm thinking WWE has real money feud on their hands if they play it right. This is an angle everyone can get excited for.


    So much other stuff to talk about too. Angle-wise, it felt like a very attitude-y Raw. Not a lot of things made sense (especially Paige going heel out of nowhere), but it was so chaotic and the crowd was so hot, I loved every second of it. You need a show like this every once in a while to keep you on your toes.

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  6. Almost forgot one of the big highlights of this show: Damien Sandow's "The elbow is coming, the elbow is coming." Probably the best thing he's done in months.


    They also missed a golden opportunity for a rib during the Steph/Bellas segment. When Steph said "Please escort Ms. Bella out of the building," the guards should've totally gone for Nikki.




    So who gets to be the guy who breaks the camel clutch Accolade?  And in 2014 can they book it well enough for it to be something as big as Hogan/Sheik?


    It will be as big Bobby Lashley breaking the Masterlock.

  7. The MITB match was great, doing exactly what I expected. Rollins and Ambrose carried the story, took some world class bumps (someone gif that Rollins fall please), and Dolph and Kofi bumped like crazy to fill out the rest. Rollins and Ambrose are so legit, though. Way more compelling in their solo runs thus far than Reigns.


    The main event was pretty boring, I thought. The teetering ladder spot was beautiful, but the rest was totally uninspired. I'm indifferent to Cena winning, but that's mostly because I'm operating the assumption that he'll get killed by Brock soon enough.

  8. Brock as champ is the easiest thing to book.


    1) Beat Cena at Summer Slam

    2) Beat Cena again at NoC (I'd like to cut this step out, but the WWEWHC kinda has to be at NoC)

    3) Beat Cesaro at Survivor Series (or Orton because it's in St. Louis)

    4) Beat whichever of Cesaro/Orton didn't get used at the Rumble

    5) Bryan wins the Rumble

    6) Mania writes itself

    7) Rollins is the first to hold the MITB case for the full year, setting up a double cash-in threat at MITB 15.

  9. I dunno about giving him the belt, but putting Santino in a title match in the main event of a Raw could've made for a hell of a memorsble evening.


    He was the last eliminated in one of the 2012 Chamber matches. Bryan did a nice underestimate->kill sequence with him and the crowd was super hot for it.

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    I'm kind of curious what type of push "the locker room" expected for Ryder. I think most people would agree they could do more with him than they are now (or have been for the last 2+ years), but realistically, the guy's ceiling is face Miz.


    If his ceiling is face Miz, does that mean he can main event Wrestlemania?



    No, only heel Miz main evented Mania.

  11. I'm kind of curious what type of push "the locker room" expected for Ryder. I think most people would agree they could do more with him than they are now (or have been for the last 2+ years), but realistically, the guy's ceiling is face Miz. He's definitely not a guy that can be champ forever and ever no matter how much you respect him getting himself over. They probably should've looked to put him in tag team (Santino doesn't count) or at least kept him strong on the B-shows like someone else said so he could at least be an occasional IC/US champ.

  12. This is just another one of those "Wrestling should be exactly like it was when I was a kid" arguments.


    I've said it before and no one really wants to hear it, but wrestling at its core didn't change, you just grew up. And that's fine, that's normal, but this hipster "anti-smark" attitude of "It should still be real to me, damn it" is quite frankly ridiculous. The reason you don't get immersed in wrestling like you did when you were little is the same reason you don't get immersed in Power Rangers or Transformers or Batman or whatever. When you get older, you view tv and movies differently. You view them more as art and less as alternate reality. As your brain develops and you go through school and are made to read/watch creative works and likely produce some of your own at a low level, you begin to understand things like developing characters, telling a story, and captivating and audience. While wrestling is considered low-brow by the mainstream, it really is a creative art, and that's how most people who watch view it, whether they're in tune with backstage gossip or not (for comparison, consider how you view big Hollywood movies regardless of whether or not you check TMZ every day). People want to see characters they like, action scenes that are compelling, and conclusions to stories that tug at the old heart strings. It doesn't mean you can't get invested, emotionally involved, or be an active participant at a live display. Just like any other creative art, it's designed to click with you emotionally. By the same token, it's also perfectly normal to discuss things like the creator's intent, how effective the message is, how well the performers pulled it off, etc. Both are perfectly healthy and normal ways to view performance art.

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  13. Didn't Bull Dempsey job to Mojo a few weeks ago? I could've sworn that wasn't the first time I've seen him.


    Love the Vaudevillains so much. Gotch is awesome. Just a couple weeks into the gimmick and he's already nailed the mannerisms. Once he perfects his comedy strength spots (and god willing they allow him to do some freakish super strength spots for finishes), he'll be one of the best on the show.


    The main event was fairly boring. It sucks to see Neville have to slow down so lesser workers can keep up with him, which he gets to do plenty of on NXT anyway, so pairing him off with 2014 RVD was not my cup of tea. Tyler Breeze got kind of exposed on commentary due to the match being so long. Felt like he prepped 5 minutes of material and got stuck out there for 15. Renee sure was trying to help him, though.

  14. Even though I think the MITB match should've never left Mania, I have to admit it's been one of the most consistent concept ppvs since they started running it. This show should be alright.


    Rollins and Ambrose will carry the MITB match by themselves, and Ziggler and Kofi will probably do some crazy shit in the background. The title match has a good lineup outside of Kane, and Del Rio will likely die for everyone's sins. Then you have an Usos/Wyatts match that will get decent time as well. Paige/Naomi could be a pleasant surprise if Naomi can hit her spots clean. Some other 5-minute filler matches might get added like Layla/Summer or Rybaxel vs. The Dusty Rhodes, but only the former would likely be terrible. There's a lot of interesting things that could come of the ladder matches, either on this show or within the next month if they go the super safe route with Cena winning to close the show.

  15. The times he actually gets to work like a wrecking machine, he looks great. 


    Does he really? I can't think of that many great Swagger performances. He looked good against Christian in 09, and working with Cesaro opposite the Shield and Rhodes brothers, but most of his career work is pretty forgettable. He strikes me as a guy with average talent and below average charisma and below average haircuts. Above average entrance music, though.


    Also, how do these SD spoiler threads always turn into discussions on aimless midcarders? Next week we should do Del Rio.

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    For some reason, Swagger is on the regular "multi-man clusterfuck filler" rotation, despite never actually doing anything during those matches that reminds you why he was added (unlike Kofi and Dolph). 

    Never actually doing anything except winning a MITB and Elimination Chamber match, which puts him in the company of John Cena, Edge, CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan as people who have won both matches.



    I mean never doing anything to make the match exciting or memorable. That is a great bit of trivia, though. He's one of the most head-scratching repeatedly-pushed guys in WWE history.

  17. It was definitely Swagger. They were setting up a 3-way ladder match with Del Rio at Extreme Rules that turned into Swagger/ADR I Quit. The spot was Dolph trying to pick up the ladder and Swagger kicking him in the face for the cut off.


    Looking back, that spot pretty much ended Dolph's career.

  18. For some reason, Swagger is on the regular "multi-man clusterfuck filler" rotation, despite never actually doing anything during those matches that reminds you why he was added (unlike Kofi and Dolph). If it wasn't for RVD and his historically bad year, he would've easily been the most groan-inducing addition to MITB.


    In that case then there should have been a rider stipulation. Ambrose getting the case resulting in Rollins being Mr. MITB would have made the most sense. 


    Not really. Rollins getting the case is the easiest way for him to advance his career, and Dean would still screw him over pretty bad by just attacking him and preventing him from winning. Dean's motivation his to hurt Rollins, the case is just gravy. Rollins is supremely confident that he can handle Ambrose and has a little personal motivation to hurt him as well. Makes perfect sense for Rollins to want him in there instead of constantly having to worry about Ambrose coming out of the crowd in a match where there's already 6 other guys out to get him. He could also get lucky and have one of the other 6 guys take Ambrose out, or at least be reasonably sure that Ambrose will suffer an equal amount of punishment in the match, making him less of a threat than coming out of the crowd fresh.

  20. Seth Rollins is really turning into the Sting of heels. I'm not sure if asking for Ambrose to be booked in the match was the correct move. Why not just ask for Triple H to ban him from the building? Or ask WWE's travel agent to book him on the wrong flight? Or something that shows some intelligence beyond "I want to know where he is so I'll give him an equal shot at winning Money in the Bank?" 


    if you're putting him in the match, at least do SOMETHING to handicap him. Make it so that an Ambrose victory still results in Rollins being Mr. MITB.

    It could be a master plan to re-unite the Shield and end HHH's reign of terror once and for all as others have said, but even if they stick with their current roles it makes a lot of sense. I mean, have you looked at the authority's track record when it comes to banning guys from the building? Christ, the freakin' Big Show snuck in on them more than once.

  21. So, I'm a glutton for punishment and decided to watch every WCW ppv from 1999 to the end. I just finished Superbrawl 99. I won't bore you with most of the show since it was pretty forgettable, though mostly inoffensive considering it's WCW in 1999. However, I found one of those "pleasant surprise" matches in the least likely of places.


    The Hogan/Flair main event may very well be their best match together. I was expecting a lot of stalling, Flair looking like an idiot, and a generally sad match, but I got mostly the opposite until the finish. Both guys came out fired up and started the match pretty quickly. They worked a spirited brawl with lots of hate and both guys got busted open. There were some great spots like Hogan trying to fend off a crazed Flair with his belt, including whipping him right in the face as Flair went for the legs. Also Hogan started to hulk up off some Flair chops, but Flair cut him off with an eye-poke and a kick to the nuts (which he should have been doing forever, but the pop that would've gotten in 94 wouldn't have been ideal).


    Now, of course, the finish involves David Flair turning on Ric and making out with newly-debuted Torrie Wilson. Also David, uses a taser on Ric when he's got Hogan in the figure four, but it only hurts Ric in the biggest head-scratcher of the entire thing. However, vintage WCW silliness aside, this is still a great effort from Flair and Hogan who kept up the pace for a good 10 minutes, conveyed the most hate in any match they had together, and both bladed to add to the theatrics. Really fun match throughout for 90% right 10% wrong reasons.

  22. I guess Rollins and Ambrose will headline the actual MITB (as opposed to the title match). I wonder what matches will make this show outside of the ladder matches. Tag titles have been announced, and it looks like Barrett/Ziggler is a possibility, but you'd think those two would go in MITB.


    Also my wrestling senses tell me Rollins and Orton win, and Rollins cashes in on Orton at the ppv or soon after to displace him as HHH's #1 guy.

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