(By Phil Rippa) At some moment in time board poster Smelly McUgly took advantage of the payola program and paid me to review a random Hodge Podge of matches. There isn’t really an order to them. Also a quick note – on Smelly’s list was also the Midnight Express vs Fantastics from Clash I which […]

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JEFF JARRETT! DEAN MALENKO! STEVE AUSTIN! and other things I watched for the mountain of tape to arrive! Howdy! Welcome to Death Valley Driver Video Review #10! I finished the last match of the last mountain of tapes I got, which means a little down time between deliveries. I gotta a bunch coming in soon, […]

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1001 MATCHES: First and Last

(by PHIL RIPPA) I am sadly a little too proud of being able to do this where all the firsts were first and the lasts were last. FIRSTS 716) THE SUPER POWERS (DUSTY RHODES, NIKITA KOLOFF, PAUL ELLERING, ROAD WARRIOR HAWK AND ROAD WARRIOR ANIMAL) vs. THE FOUR HORSEMAN (RIC FLAIR, ARN ANDERSON, LEX LUGER, […]

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DUSTIN RHODES! and VADER! are really great at this wrestling thing! More DEAN~! from the RSPW~! archives! BAM BAM BIGELOW~! gets an extra M~! in his name! KONNAN~! loses an N~! DAISUKE SEKIMOTO~! wrestles in a weird place! And I~! don’t mean JAPAN~! YUJI NAGATA~! MARTIN STONE~! BRAZOS~! DERANGED~! THE DEATH OF WCW~! WELCOME TO […]

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DVDVR 3 OFF: Halloween Havoc 1999

(by PHIL RIPPA) In today’s installment of payola reviews – Dolfan picked this one because he was pissed at me that Kevin Owens lost in the now thankfully dead March Madness tournament. God – that might be the only way I bring it back. People pay me. It is worth reviewing Wrestlemania XII if it […]

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1001 MATCHES: Avert Your Eyes!

(by PHIL RIPPA) I have always promised that much like the original matches from DVDVR #100 not everything will be gems. What we have here are some of the more notable bad matches. Generally these all occur on big shows or are “known” for one reason or another. I mean if I was just picked […]

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1001 MATCHES: 2 Cold Scorpio

(by PHIL RIPPA) I love me some 2 Cold Scorpio. I truly think people think his career ended after the ECW days and it might as well have. But still – there is plenty to watch and enjoy because Scorpio is the god damn best. Oh and just for my sanity – I am spelling […]

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TNA~! created KING OF THE MOUNTAIN~! YOU~! now have to suffer because of it~! DEAN~! makes perhaps his wildest claim ever~! HARLEM BRAVADO~! is a great AMERICAN~! MR. 450~! JEFF JARRETT~! VIRUS~! KATSUHIKO NAKAJIMA~! POUNCE… PERIOD~!   HIYA~! WELCOME TO DEATH VALLEY DRIVER VIDEO REVIEW ISSUE #178 HIYA~! As long as I can keep finding […]