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1001 MATCHES: Houston

Paul Boesch’s Houston Library footage burned fast and bright as the NWA OnDemand service. The service was ended when Billy Corgan purchased the NWA. I asked resident Houston footage mark (Yes Meltzer I am still using that word) Matt D. to select 10 matches that were released via the service that folks should watch that […]

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DVDVR 2 OFF: Royal Rumble 1999

(by PHIL RIPPA) Another from the “We Will Pay To Make Rippa Feel Pain” category as this time Chris St. Clair (CSC) chose this abortion of a show. (Pretty sure it was again because the New York Giants won a game. Lord did they really bone me all season long.) WWF ROYAL RUMBLE 1999 (01/24/99) […]

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DVDVR 1 OFF: Survivor Series 1996

(by PHIL RIPPA) As a reminder – I am a whore so people will send money for me to review things and I will review them. The trend has seemed to skew towards terrible WWE related PPVs (except for the constant pestering about Heroes of Wrestling which Dean thankfully reviewed years ago). So I have […]

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KING OF THE MOUNTAIN~! finally breaks RIPPA~! DEAN~! loves himself some BIG SWOLL~! CURTIS GRANDERSON~! is as good as being a special enforcer as he is at playing centerfield! DAMIEN WAYNE~! is a fucking man! WORLDWIDE~! DON MURACO~! LADY APACHE~! LOS GUERREROS~! A DEATHMATCH IN A HOUSE~! So many people with DEATH WISHES~!   HIYA~! […]

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ON THE ROAD: NOVA Pro Wrestling (11/25/16)

(by PHIL RIPPA) BACKSTORY NOVA Pro Wrestling has been running shows for a little over a year now. Using a hybrid model of Northeast and Southern Indy feds – NOVA is a welcome new addition on the scene. For those not familiar with the geography of the area – NOVA runs their shows in Northern […]

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1001 MATCHES: 2 Cold Scorpio

(by PHIL RIPPA) I love me some 2 Cold Scorpio. I truly think people think his career ended after the ECW days and it might as well have. But still – there is plenty to watch and enjoy because Scorpio is the god damn best. Oh and just for my sanity – I am spelling […]

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TNA~! created KING OF THE MOUNTAIN~! YOU~! now have to suffer because of it~! DEAN~! makes perhaps his wildest claim ever~! HARLEM BRAVADO~! is a great AMERICAN~! MR. 450~! JEFF JARRETT~! VIRUS~! KATSUHIKO NAKAJIMA~! POUNCE… PERIOD~!   HIYA~! WELCOME TO DEATH VALLEY DRIVER VIDEO REVIEW ISSUE #178 HIYA~! As long as I can keep finding […]

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1001 MATCHES: We Got You Covered

by PHIL RIPPA In this installment – besides getting us to a tidy 200 – features matches that had been reviewed at some point in various DVDVRs. Other than that, there really is no rhyme or reason to them. 182) CIMA vs. MAGNUM TOKYO vs. DARKNESS DRAGON vs. MASAAKI MOCHIZUKI vs. DRAGON KID – TORYUMON […]

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DEAN~! touches himself to EDDIE GUERRERO~! RIPPA~! touches himself to MARK HENRY~! YOU~! touch yourself to CHELSEA~!  SEIYA SANADA~! MR. LEO~! HIROSHI YAMATO~! JOE COFFEY~! NAOMICHI MARUFUJI~! And, of course, TERRY FUNK~! Let’s all go to the MALL~!   HIYA~! Welcome to the Death Valley Driver Video Review Issue #177 Well all that Singles Going […]