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ON THE ROAD: USA PRO (11/29/03)

[Michinoku Playaz] USA Pro 11/29/03, Road Report RD: Rev Ray Duffy, “find hungry samurai” PP: Pogo Pete Stein, FEE-RO-SHUS RD: I’ve been on a weird sleep cycle lately, which has resulted in me catching a lot of late night/early morning movies on cable, like Mother, Jugs and Speed one night and a few Kurosawa samurai […]

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1001 MATCHES: Angle Alert

(by PHIL RIPPA) Some of these aren’t “great” matches. Some aren’t even really matches. Basically everything here is just a vessel for the entertaining/memorable/stupid angle that goes with it. 726) BRUNO SAMMARTINO vs. LARRY ZBYSZKO – WWF CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING (01/22/80 (Taped), (02/02/80) Aired) A teacher vs. student “exhibition” match where Zbyszko turns on Bruno that […]

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(by PHIL RIPPA) Between it being the shortest month, being behind on NXT and 205 Live and watching more crappy wrestling in a month than I really want, this is a smaller slate of matches. Of course – if I am honest, most months will look closer to this as (hopefully) more people pay for […]

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DUSTIN RHODES! and VADER! are really great at this wrestling thing! More DEAN~! from the RSPW~! archives! BAM BAM BIGELOW~! gets an extra M~! in his name! KONNAN~! loses an N~! DAISUKE SEKIMOTO~! wrestles in a weird place! And I~! don’t mean JAPAN~! YUJI NAGATA~! MARTIN STONE~! BRAZOS~! DERANGED~! THE DEATH OF WCW~! WELCOME TO […]

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TAUE! DREAMER! TSURUTA! and other things I saw and heard this week. Howdy! Welcome to DEATH VALLEY DRIVER VIDEO REVIEW #5! It was a big week for killing time watching tapes of wrestling – what with the Hurricane and all! Of course, the two megathreads are still making sure nobody can go to bed at […]

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1001 MATCHES: DVD 500

(by PHIL RIPPA) This section features a match from every person who was #1 in a DVD 500 and everyone person who was #500… that presented an interesting challenge at times. 371) DON ARAKAWA vs. GORO TSURUMI – SWS (04/23/91) Don Arakawa = #500 (V.7) Man – I remember Arakawa randomly showing up on […]

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1001 MATCHES: 7 to 100

(by PHIL RIPPA) This will be the first of many 1001 Matches additions. If you missed me terribly explaining the list – CLICK THIS FIRST Since I really like round numbers – and since Dean shot his wad on the board, here are the first seven post DVDVR 100 matches to get added to the […]