1001 MATCHES: DVD 500


This section features a match from every person who was #1 in a DVD 500 and everyone person who was #500… that presented an interesting challenge at times.

371) DON ARAKAWA vs. GORO TSURUMI – SWS (04/23/91)


Don Arakawa = #500 (V.7)

Man – I remember Arakawa randomly showing up on tape a decade after SWS died was so random. You can thank Zero-One for that. 500 is quite the fitting spot for the Japanese Santino. Here is against the loveable lump Goro Tsurumi. Another match online was him against Hisakatsu Oya so apparently Arakawa’s secret mission was to take out the world’s ugliest wrestlers.




Osamu Taitoko (as Osamu Tachihikari) = #500 (V.2)

The only reason – ONLY REASON – I can think of that Osamu was #500 was the former lumpy WAR heavyweight showed up in BattleARTS and Dean shot his wad. This is legit the only match of his I could find online because people hate uploading the Bat-Bat. But this works well for an example of “Oh that guy is so right there…”


373) TAZ vs. SABU – ECW “BARELY LEGAL” ’97 (04/13/97)

Taz = #500 (V.1)

This match is fairly easy to find online considering the first meeting between two guys who supposedly do not like each other that had been built to for years occurring on the first ECW PPV had you all pitching tents in your pants. There are very few things I am proud of. Taz at #500 on the first 500 is one of them. People were PIIIISSSSSEEEDDDD.


374) ROB VAN DAM vs. JERRY LYNN – ECW “GUILTY AS CHARGED” ’01 (01/07/01)


Rob Van Dam = #500 (V.4)

At some point – of these RVD/Jerry Lynn matches was gonna make the list. It wasn’t until I was searching for one did I remember that they also had matches in WWE and TNA against each other but sure why not? This one is their final ECW matchup and it builds off the other matches. God – has there ever been a more lopsided long ass rivalry than this one?




Eddie Guerrero = #1 (V.7)

The early months of the very brand split featured the Edge/Eddie singles feud that concluded with this match. A fun ladder match from two members of the Smackdown Six. Speaking of which…


376) CHRIS BENOIT/KURT ANGLE vs. EDGE/REY MYSTERIO JR – WWE NO MERCY ’02 (10/20/02 – WWE Tag Team Titles Tournament Finals)



Chris Benoit = #1 (V.1, V.2, V.3)

Feuding tag partners. New Smackdown Tag Belts. Stephanie McMahon as an authority figure. Good to know where the WWE is getting its current booking ideas from. There is a reason people loved Smackdown from this time period and it is on display here.


377) RAVEN vs. A.J. STYLES – TNA WEEKLY PPV #59 (08/27/03)



Raven = #500 (V.3)

Raven earned his 500 spot by having a WWE run that was as unwatchable as you could get. However, much like the early days of TNA itself, Raven in TNA had its moments. Here is one of them – not surprising, since early AJ was already out to prove himself. He was also out to prove he could be an effect heel by having the douchiest hair possible.


378) TOSHIAKI KAWADA vs. SHINYA HASHIMOTO – ALL JAPAN (02/20/04 – Triple Crown)


Toshiaki Kawada = #1 (V.4)

Reviewed by DEAN in DVDVR #148


379) KOTARO SUZUKI/RICKY MARVIN vs. MARK & JAY BRISCOE – NOAH (01/21/07 – GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship)

via Ditch’s Playlist

Kotaro Suzuki = #500 (V.8)

Suzuki is the only 500 placement that we got right in the “good guy right at the start of his career.” Many might consider him the “other” guy in a lot of matches but there are a lot worse positions to be in.


380) BRYAN DANIELSON vs. TAKESHI MORISHIMA – RING OF HONOR (08/25/07 – ROH World Heavyweight Title)


Bryan Danielson = #1 (V.8)

I totally forgot that Danielson was the last guy to top a 500. Of course, I forgot their was an eighth version of the 500 until just recently (as evidenced by forgetting to convert it to the new site). Just remember – there was a change for a half a minute that Morishima was more likely to be the WWE Heavyweight Champ than Bryan.


381) MR. OOH LA LA vs. SHOCKWAVE THE ROBOT – TWA (09/25/10)


Mr. Ooh La La = #500 (V.5)

Mr. Ooh La La was a perennial comedy figure at all those ECWA shows we attended. Here is wrestling A FUCKING ROBOT!!!! IN 2010!!!! That is a match designed to appeal specifically to us.


382) SHOCKER vs. TERRIBLE – CMLL (09/17/13 (Taped), 09/21/13 (Aired) – CMLL World Heavyweight Championship)


Shocker = #1 (V.6)

I so should have made a “Shocker no showed the ranking” joke. Anyway – Shocker was fucking amazing in the 6 months that the 500 was based on when he made #1. Then it all fell off a cliff. Still the moments of brilliance still occur once in a blue moon. God – I still remember him working with TNA and doing national commercials for Burger King and TNA STILL managing to screw up his use.


383) JUSHIN LIGER VS. KUSHIDA – NEW JAPAN (05/03/16 – IWGP Jr Heavyweight Title)


Jushin Liger = #1 (V.5)

2016 Jushin Liger is just a good as every other year Jushin Liger. The guy’s with his length of greatest can be counted on one hand. Bow down bitches.