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WELCOME TO THE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER VIDEO REVIEW #111! Hello, gentle Reader, and welcome to this universally indie edition of your beloved DVDVR – as we cover the wrestling from three different continents, wrestling that tell the big boys to shove it up their asses. Rippa clocks in with the fantab WCW handheld from back […]

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1001 MATCHES: Houston

Paul Boesch’s Houston Library footage burned fast and bright as the NWA OnDemand service. The service was ended when Billy Corgan purchased the NWA. I asked resident Houston footage mark (Yes Meltzer I am still using that word) Matt D. to select 10 matches that were released via the service that folks should watch that […]

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1001 MATCHES: 7 to 100

(by PHIL RIPPA) This will be the first of many 1001 Matches additions. If you missed me terribly explaining the list – CLICK THIS FIRST Since I really like round numbers – and since Dean shot his wad on the board, here are the first seven post DVDVR 100 matches to get added to the […]

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LOVED YOU LATE: 5 Wrestlers That “Grew” On Me

(by PHIL RIPPA) When Nick Bockwinkel passed away – I was trying to explain my enjoyment of Bock and the best I could come up with was “He was someone that I grew to appreciate more as I got older. Someone who – when matched up with the right opponent – would make me go […]