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1001 Matches: DVDVR Staples

(by PHIL RIPPA) Welcome back to the third installment of “DVDVR’s 1001 Matches You Should Watch”. I also helpfully hint that you contemplate the words that do not exist inside those quotation marks. (Or in not so subtle terms – read all the other pieces to get a sense of the type of matches that […]

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1001 MATCHES: 7 to 100

(by PHIL RIPPA) This will be the first of many 1001 Matches additions. If you missed me terribly explaining the list – CLICK THIS FIRST Since I really like round numbers – and since Dean shot his wad on the board, here are the first seven post DVDVR 100 matches to get added to the […]

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WELCOME TO DEATH VALLEY DRIVER VIDEO REVIEW #100! We decided to celebrate our 100th loveletter to quality pro wrestling by coming up with as many MATCHES YOU SHOULD WATCH as possible. It was originally gonna be the TOP 100 but we figured that would be soooo square- and we wanted to keep it under Mobey […]

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(cover by RIPPA) ¬†YAMATO~! brings the hate~! TINIEBLAS~! and DR. WAGNER JR.~! don’t really have a match! YOSHITSUNE~! has a name that gets censored~! DEAN~! might be a touch excited about GIANT BERNARD~! vs. YUTAKA YOSHIE~! And also his match with HIROOKI GOTO~! SUPER PANDA~! NEGRO CASAS~! The DARK KNIGHT~! GRAN HAMADA~! LENNY LANE~! TOOTSY~! […]