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(by PHIL RIPPA) Since clearly my goal is make as much work as possible for myself on a project no one cares about – I picked matches that we were at live to where I (with a couple of exceptions) find a road report for. I then uploaded the road report to the website. So […]

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(by PHIL RIPPA) When working on this project the one??? biggest??? rule I have followed was one instituted in DVDVR #100 and that was “no repeat” matches. (IE: only pick one match between two guys). I have skirted that a few times already for a variety of reasons. Here I just blatantly ignore it because […]

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1001 MATCHES – Plain Janes

I call these “Plain Janes” as my short hand for two guys just having a match. No titles. No gimmicks. No tournaments. Etc… I even decided (because I like making things hard on myself) to not include tag matches or anything that wasn’t a straight singles match. Pretty much the only reason these guys are […]

ON THE ROAD: NOVA Pro Wrestling (11/25/16) Read more

ON THE ROAD: NOVA Pro Wrestling (11/25/16)

(by PHIL RIPPA) BACKSTORY NOVA Pro Wrestling has been running shows for a little over a year now. Using a hybrid model of Northeast and Southern Indy feds – NOVA is a welcome new addition on the scene. For those not familiar with the geography of the area – NOVA runs their shows in Northern […]