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  1. On 10/30/2016 at 6:08 PM, TheVileOne said:

    I would simply like it if they got UFC Fight Pass apps on all the game consoles.  It's still not available on PS4 for whatever reason.  Any organization like the UFC should have a legal streaming service at this point.  

    I remember reading something about Sony technology that conflicts with Fight Pass. 

    In contrast WWE made something like a $150 million off the network but of course they killed the ppv business. I could see UFC offering a separate tier for fight pass that includes ppv but nothing cheap like WWE probably like $50 per month.

    What if UFC brought G4 and had their own network? NHL is making around a $150 million per year(they take in 85% of that) off the NHL network in just 38 million homes.  While still getting $200 million from NBC and extra money from the Center Ice package. Its like having the best of both worlds.

  2. 6 hours ago, Elsalvajeloco said:

    He did miss weight by almost 6 pounds and clearly had a sizeable weight advantage he carried into the cage.  He probably should have apologized profusely because Brooks not accepting the bout would have cost Oliveira getting paid period.

    Still doesn't give Will a pass for talking shit and allegedly talking about his mother. Like Woodley said on the post show we expect guys to talk a lot of shit before the fight but expect them to be nice to each other after the fight. Sometimes it will not work out that way. Brooks is known for trash talk. He has no right to talk because he has looked average so far in the Ufc.

  3. We're still a month and a half away. Personally, I wasn't expecting a Conor fight. I always thought this was going to be the show of Ronda or GSP return  and DC/Rumble vs. Jones. I always thought Conor would fight around December or just wait until the spring. Now we stuck with this sideshow, if only Jones didn't F up. 

  4. Of course she was coming back. Just look at the commercials for Bud Light with Conor and Reebok(which she pretty much hinted at it). Not too mention, WME-IMG is her people. She will not be ready for NY but I can see a March return. I know experts and Dana think she will go for the title but I think Rousey wants a rematch with Holly before anything.

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