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  1. I started watching in 1991 right around the time The Dragon and El Matador were a thing.  To me, it never felt like they WEREN'T admitting Dragon was Steamboat, etc, just that it wasn't the name they referred to them with.  I recall a last name or two coming out every so often, and they didn't ignore their past history.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, Brian Fowler said:

    My first guess it's because it's the one Madusa won

    Actually, I think the only match in the feud that Nakano won was the title change in Japan (which would've been an awesome choice for the set to show they were going worldwide even back then, but there's probably licensing issues and I may be the only one that would've cared)

  3. You can also get a clan creator code to unlock Onomichi as a fighter - he has a fantastic healing power.  He stayed in my strike team for the remainder of the game.

    Clan creator is fun just for the NJPW guys - but if you can get some of the guys with Muscle Party like Date, it's almost too easy.  Healing + two guys with 10-sec invulnerability for everyone = wiping the floor with everyone from Okada on down.

    I love that not only do the NJPW guys do their big moves (I got lariated by Kojima more times than I could count, and the Tenzan Tombstone was ugly, as was the Destino and Rainmaker) but Okada's theme actually plays during his fight.  So awesome.

    I haven't even scratched the surface on any of the mini games besides clan creator.  Apparently there's a freaking' BASEBALL MANAGEMENT MINIGAME that I haven't even seen a hint of yet.  Not to mention all the cats I have to grab.

    The story is layers upon layers going into the end of it, and I did not see at least half of the twists coming.  The only one that bothered me was buying back the killing of Kiyomi near the end - it felt cheap to bring her back (blanks at that distance are still fatal) and added nothing to the story; I thought the story had more gravitas and meaning with her initial death.  But holy shit was that last fight setup fucking awesome.

  4. I've actually got a pet project of assembling newsletter info about SMW dating back to 1992, and it's been pretty fascinating.  But one thing that caught my eye: Cornette wanted to put Tammy with the Gangstas.  Meltzer's line was that she decided against it "because she wanted to live to see her 22nd birthday."

    On another note, Tammy was so insanely good as a heel at her age.  It's such a shame how things ended up in general.  She should've been the next Sherri, not the first Sable.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Goodear said:

    Gigante got robbed by that crooked referee.  Muta is attacking him with a chair in full view of the referee who does nothing and Gigante gets it for one second and then the ref decides to grab it.  The referee in the Tea Bag match does a better job of enforcing rules equally and he's a CARTOON.  Damn it McMahon, if Jack Tunney is a man of his word, this is the last we've seen of Rugged Ronnie Garvin.

    Muta is attacking him while ON a chair.  It's a technical difference but an important one.   Gigante grabbed it with evil intentions, which is when, as a duly appointed official and representative of the sport of professional wrestling, you have to step in and prevent its use. 

    Besides, you have no idea how that chair got into the ring.  You can't punish Muta simply because a strong, focused wind blew a ringside chair into the ring and he ended up standing on it.

  6. I'll keep mentioning it, but 1992 WCW Saturday Night is so good.  They did a masterful job building up kicking Zbyszko out of the Dangerous Alliance.  The 2/3 falls match with Anderson/Zbyszko/Eaton v. Steamboat/Rhodes/Koloff gets a lot of time and is great, with a great miscommunication at the end setting up the finish.  Paul E gets pissed off and wants to fight Zbyszko, Larry gets back in his face and Anderson IMMEDIATELY steps in to back him off of the boss.

    And we haven't even gotten to A&E breaking his fucking arm yet.

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