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  1. Started Universe over and this time in NXT, and it's a lot more fun facing different people.  

    "Magnificent" Michael Simon feuded briefly with Adam Cole over the NXT North American title, winning the title at Takeover after recruiting Zelina Vega to counter the Undisputed Era at ringside.  On the next NXT weekly TV, Almas returned to NXT, and Simon helped him win the NXT title from Aleister Black, forming The Cartel.  They also quickly picked up the NXT tag team title over The Revival.. thanks to Zelina assisting on a triple powerbomb.  (Wasn't expecting that - she was ejected but not disqualified.  Tag team finisher found.)

    On top of that, Simon decided his North American title wasn't worldly enough, and replaced it with the _South_ American championship.



    He also went full Tony Montana/Razor Ramon with the gear.  Gotta match in a tag team, after all.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:


    and I bet he spells misspells Hennig as Henning

    There's times the show doesn't have to go on. I would hope the talent was at least given the option to work or not. It was tough to watch, so I can't imagine how hard it was to go out there and work like that. I mean, Rollins was out there bawling his eyes out. Paul Heyman's eyes were red as hell, so you know he was crying hard in the back.

    My first boss in the funeral biz committed suicide in January 2016. Like an idiot, I agreed to work an evening viewing at the funeral home I was with at the time after attending the wake in the afternoon. Any opportunity I could get, I would sneak off into the office and bawl my eyes out, then try to pull myself together. What a mistake working that night was. I get uncomfortable when Shane McMahon is on tv because he and my boss looked a lot like.

    I don't disagree with any of this, and this will sound like I'm copping out...

    ..but pro wrestling is a completely different business than any other type of industry.  The closest thing there is really is touring music acts.  I've thankfully only been involved in a few situations where a major catastrophe of this nature - a major injury, or even a death - have occurred before or during the event.  And something like this can be cathartic, especially in a physical context.  You could see it in Seth Rollins in the main - he was working his heart out, and there was both a sadness and a fire in his eyes the entire time, and he was running at 120% and nailing EVERYTHING, and he was getting out all that raw emotion he had.  He was doing it for Roman, and he was doing it for himself.

    I don't know if he felt better after or not, but it was definitely a release.  That's what was needed at the time - a release.

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  3. 5 hours ago, J.T. said:

    Not sure how this is different from when Edge announced his retirement due to his neck being fubar or when shows open with RIP Tributes.

    Even when shows start off with terrible news, the workers do their best to pick up everyone's spirits during the show.

    Heyman said it best in his promo - the show must go on, and Reigns would want it that way.  You can even see it in the backstage video - when Nia is hugging him and crying, Reigns tells her she's still got work to do.

  4. I said this on Twitter and I'll say it here: 

    People forget that pro wrestling really is a brotherhood.  They see each other more than their own families, and become a family.  Everyone there just saw one of their friends go down. And that hurts deep.

    Say what you will about Roman Reigns the character - but Joseph Anoa’i is a good person and he doesn’t deserve this. Nobody does.  

    I have no doubt he’ll beat this once again. He’s Samoan. You can’t keep him down.

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  5. Just started Universe mode by recreating "Magnificent" Michael Simon and forming The Magnificence with the Revival and Pete Dunne.  I promptly started a feud with Jeff Hardy by beating him, shaking his hand, and kicking him in the dick in a promo.  Sadly, my match on Backlash with Jericho was cancelled when Shelton Benjamin jumped Jericho during his intro.  I promptly booted Dunne back to NXT and brought Shelton into my group.

    Also, somehow, AJ Styles went into Backlash as WWE Champion, but Kane beat Rusev for the title in the main event.  *shrug*

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  6. I'm thinking the top combo for Payback moves might be Resiliency (kick out of one pin or submission automatically, which is a HUGE help in the towers) and Reversal (gain one reversal back).   It's great having get-out-of-jail free cards. 

    Possum is also one of my favorites even if you don't get the pin - in non-pinfall matches like Last Man Standing, it'll gain the advantage back for you by tripping the opponent up.  Low Blow's risk of disqualification and the difficulty in bumping/distracting the ref makes it a crapshoot, but man, bruising Zack Ryder's huevos is a happy place for me.  (Plus there's the Ding! trophy to be had.)

  7. Terrible show.  I have no idea what Meltzer or others are smoking thinking these matches are "great' because all *I* saw were blown spots, stutter-stepping and working half-speed because of the small ring (16x16 if that) and some of the worst PPV production I've seen outside Heroes of Wrestling.  

    As decent as Impact has been lately, this was six steps backward.  And either they're doing a shitty Russo-level worked shoot (and lol at using two guys that can barely throw a believable strike "shooting") or Aries is as unprofessional as he's ever been.  

  8. PROTIP: The Low Blow Payback move, while risking disqualification, will give your opponent a LONG non-reversal debuff.

    I learned this the hard way, as I lost the Intercontinental title to Almas in a HIAC match after he dinged me and hit the hammerlock DDT.

    This has caused my character to become jaded and triggered a heel turn.


    A heel goatee, redone outfit, changed up finishers and scarf later, and "Magnificent" Michael Simon is now a five-time Intercontinental champion.  For some reason, post-MyCareer *really* wants me to be Intercontinental champion.  

    There was even a spot where Shane McMahon offered to let me defend my MyCareer championship (the WWE Pure championship, defended in submission matches) once again - only for my match to be for the vacant IC title, which I won again.

    I'm hoping that once I move from Superstar to Main Eventer status, it'll finally let me go after the WWE Championship.  If I win the title, I'm breaking out the Botch Club side plates.  I'm at Superstar level 50, which is max level, but you need to level through one more level before you can up the Prestige level.

    Towers are a great way to get XP and levels, by the by.  I almost completed the eight-match Survivor Series PPV tower until I got stopped by '91 Undertaker at the end, and I went from 38 to 45 during that time - each match was at least 4.5 stars, with most hitting 5, as apparently Simon is feeding Meltzer info or something.

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  9. 3 hours ago, Brian Fowler said:

    I want the reissue of Devastator/The Constructicons, but $74 is a bit steep. I wish I still had my G2 ones even if half were orange and half yellow. Had the G2 camo tank Megatron as well, and it's gone forever too. Plus all my original G1 toys. :(

    I almost forgot I have the giant IDW-version Devastator, too.  Another reason to add Fort Max and Trypticon.

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  10. I actually have been far more into collecting Funko Pops lately than into collecting Transformers.  But man, I love that they're doing characters based off the IDW comics, which are by far the best TF fiction ever written.  

    I do still need to pick up Fortress Maximus and Trypticon to go along with Metroplex and the oversized KO Predaking.  I like big bots and I cannot lie.

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