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  1. For some reason, the October '91 MSG show I tried to unsuccessfully watch yesterday is now no longer listed - you can still bring up 1991 in the Old School section on PC, but it brings up a "The data you requested is unavailable at this time" error.  


    However, I'm able to watch Havoc '89 in Chrome on PC with absolutely no issues so far.  Every day it seems they clean things up more and more.


    The live stream has continued to be picture perfect for me no matter what I watch it on - was watching Series '12 in full HD with no skip.  It gives me a lot of hope for NXT Arrival tomorrow and for WM30.

  2. Speaking of Bash '89, before the two-ring battle royal, there was a text notice stating it would be "presented in the most complete form possible, due to original production technical difficulties."  Looks like a few bad camera shots and one occasion of static filling the screen.


    If I recall, one or two of the Nitros on Classics on Demand had similar issues.

  3. Apple TV makes you pay the full $60 up front instead of 10 a month, apparently.


    Only if you purchase the subscription through iTunes.  You can still use your regular WWE.com account with the Apple TV WWE Network app, like I am right now.  

  4. Scotty Goldman showing up to wrestle Orton for the right to get CM Punk's job back and them re-doing the Rhodes Brothers angle from September-October with the Second City Saints you know would be fun.

    Except in this version, Orton RKOs him after five minutes, then puts a CM Punk facemask on him and punts him into obscurity.


    Also, Ryback eats Punk's contract.

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  5. I thought I read in an interview with an ex-WWE wrestler (can't remember who) said that you could still be working for them for up to 3 months AFTER they initially notified you that you were being released. Which doesn't make any sense to me really, but I don't know.


    That's why it's called "giving notice" or "being given notice", depending who initiates it.  Either side has that window in the contract to tell you you're wrapping up.  It's more of a territory holdover to allow them to wrap up angles and put people over on the way out.

  6. A little off topic but this is as good of a place to ask it as any. Who here on this board is from the Pacific Northwest there seems to be a handful of people who are. I myself am from Tacoma Washington and attend school in the Portland area (actually went to the Smackdown taping tonight)  and stay down here most the year. I just thought we are discussing a PNW wrestler and there was talk of his early years so I thought i'd ask the question.

    Yo.  Living in Washington, doing shows for ECCW in British Columbia and DOA down in Portland.  (Incidentally, DOA has a show in Portland on December 29th.  Come and say hi.)  


    I worked pretty closely with Davey and Tony Kozina back when they worked Pinnacle Wrestling in Washington in 2006-2007.  They seem to be cut from the same cloth - Davey can be a prick but at least he's honest about being a prick, which is more than I can say for 90% of the guys out there.  


    What James said above is pretty accurate, though.

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