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  1. 1 hour ago, Matt D said:

    I'm not weighing in, but I can at least understand where the dissonance would come from as Bryan's has talked at length, in sort of patronizing ways, about how Paul Farmer was the important Farmer brother and what was really important in life, etc. I think that there's a not unreasonable expectation for Bryan to be more socially aware than the average wrestler of, I don't know, what's going on in Yemen?  And therefore disappointed with him when he's not. It probably has more to do with people's perceptions than with Bryan himself, but those perceptions did come from somewhere.

    I'm definitely not saying it's not a disappointment; I'm just saying I understand the process of how it can happen.  Hyperfocus is good for what you're interested in, and bad for everything else.

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  2. 3 hours ago, Casey said:

    So according to Meltzer, Daniel Bryan made the decision not to go back to Saudi Arabia after the Greatest Royal Rumble (and not after the Khashoggi murder like was widely speculated). The way he describes it, Bryan knew little about Saudi Arabia before that event but was in particular sickened at their treatment of homosexuals and not allowing Sami Zayn to perform at the event. He asked to lose to The Miz at the Super Showdown, but he obviously didn't get his wish on that one.

    I've already seen people on Reddit slamming Bryan for not being aware of Saudi.  People do not understand how opaque the wrestling bubble can be when you're actually inside it.  I fell prey to it for a long time before my wife pulled me out of it kicking and screaming, and I don't ever want to go back inside.  It's like the Nexus from Star Trek: Generations (and not like the Nexus that Cena ruined)

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  3. 9 hours ago, OSJ said:

    Having to refer to you and Skag Rollins as "grizzled vets" is making me feel old since I saw his 3rd or 4th professional match as "The American Wet Dream"  back in the day......

    Ha!  It kinda bookended my career. One of the first matches I refereed had Skag in it, and the last match I ever wrestled had me teaming with him. 

    Fun fact: when my wife-to-be and I worked together in 2007, I showed a pic of me working with him in ECCW.

    Her reaction: “That’s Todd!” 

    My reaction: “....how do you know that?”

    Turns out her best friend’s husband was friends with him, and they knew each other.  Small world. 

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  4. And since it's wrestling-related and there's no thread, here's my costume for the last night's "Nightmare Before Halloween" costume day:


    Told you you couldn't see me.  

    Sadly, I lost my towel early on, but immediately after, I won $10 on Let It Ride next to Jay Lethal and $90 on blackjack next to Jim Ross, Raven and Shane Helms.  A noble sacrifice.

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  5. I can see about assembling something later but I didn't watch all of the wrestling and only a few of the events. The wrestling was fun, if not a bit comedy-oriented.  On the first night they played it a bit too serious which lost the crowd, but went more comedy after that, culminating in the Impact vs. Mushroom Kingdom match on the last night.  

    I didn't get to see the Bucks of Jericho six-man but did see the matching gear, which was choice.  Jericho apparently took the fall. 

  6. I don't think Jericho was anywhere close to sober the entire trip, but he did a great job.  The Fozzy concerts were sick, especially the first one as we were sailing away (maaaan).  The spoken word stuff was stuff out of his books but still delivered well.  Only blemish was the Ross/Lawler live podcast because of how bitter JR was and how much Lawler was obviously bullshitting (still claiming Savage walked out on WWE before a Raw and he took over because he was there at the time; claiming Memphis wrestling was responsible for pretty much everything, etc).

    In short, the trip was a blast and if they do another, I'd recommend it.  The fears about unkempt, unruly and idiotic fans were not realized in the slightest - everyone was super cool.

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  7. KhXLMMy.jpg?1


    Some fans on the Jericho Cruise brought a "Get Well Roman" banner which was signed by pretty much *everyone* on the boat, fans and talent alike, and displayed on the last night.  Cody made reference to it and to Reigns during the post-show promo and everyone wished him well.  "He'll be back Superman punching everyone before you know it.'

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  8. I could've sworn there was a Jericho Cruise thread, but I can't find it.  Anyway, it was awesome.  

    Jim Cornette would probably commit seppuku if he saw that the final match on the show was Impact Wrestling vs. the Mushroom Kingdom, but it was hilarious and fun and ended with Sami Callahan losing to everyone, including his own partners.  That's good booking.


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