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  1. 8 hours ago, Zimbra said:

    I really should ebay a copy of VPW so I have the full set of AKI games.

    I just need VPW2 to complete the set. I've played on an emulator but this is (oddly enough) the 2nd physical copy of VPW1 I found at a used game shop in Ontario, Canada. My first copy accidentally got sold with my N64 lot years ago and I'm just shocked to find a physical copy TWICE OF such a rare game in North America...

  2. Reading through this thread brings back so many memories. I discovered so much through this board many years ago... So many things I love ie: 90's AJPW, Virtual Pro Wrestling and Fire Pro, my go-to meatball recepie... I used the name WWE Owns My Name in 2004 when they were buying all the ECW IP's after releasing everyone. I can't remember what name I used before then, but I always lurked far more than I posted, the exception being the nifty e-fed thing that got revived every few years heh.

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