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  1. 7 hours ago, John E. Dynamite said:

    Get on that Chibi-Robo. Not that much platforming in the purest sense, but big and cute and engaging with a surprisingly deep examination of domestic strife buried beneath the Katamari-esque J-weirdness. One of the three best games I've played this year as far as I'm concerned.

    I really need to bite on a Donkey Conga controller. I used to be *very* serious about rhythm games about a half a lifetime ago and every human who's played Jungle Beat swears by it. I hear it's short? I'm OK with that.


    Yeah, Chibi-Robo is great.  I just don't consider it a platformer.

    Highly recommend Jungle Beat.  You can play it with the standard GameCube controller but the Konga drum controller adds a lot to the experience.

  2. Man. the Gamecube is really underrated for platformers.  I know a lot of people don't love the Sonic 3D games, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. & Super Mario Sunshine, but I really enjoy all of those games - especially Mario Sunshine and Donkey Kong.  Jungle Beat probably is a top 10 platformer for me because of the bongo controller.  So wacky.  So much fun.

    Besides those five games, there are a number of really good second-tier platformers on the gamecube.  I'm playing Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg and really loving it.  Sonic Team was so great for platformers.  Also really liking Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2 (not quite a platformer, but enough platform elements to suit me), the Pac-Man World games (also available on PS2, but more suited for family-friendly Nintendo), and Wario World (beat-em-up/platformer; Treasure was one of my favorite developers).

    There's also the 2.5D remakes of Super Bonk and Wonder Boy that were Japan exclusives.  Both of those are fun.

    Also picked up a couple of the PS2 Ape Escape games.  Never played that series before.  Wacky fun.  The 2001 spin-off where you try to suck the apes underpants off with a vacuum cleaner of sorts (to wash the underpants) is all kinds of odd.

  3. I watched Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom last night.  It was.... ok.  I realize Chris Platt has been in several hugely profitable movies, but I find him extremely bland.

    I'm kinda amused that they released the remaining dinosaurs into a populated area - and, barely sixty seconds later, the dinos killed three people.  That might have been the flaw in that plan, though apparently we we supposed to think death by dino was ok because the humans were bad people and deserved it.

    Am I the only one kinda irritated by the Jurassic Park movies relying on "kids in danger" sequences over and over?  It's not something I'm horribly offended by, but I don't really enjoy watching carnivorous dinosaurs stalk little kids either.  It's really odd that the writers have made that a franchise staple.

  4. 2 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

    I tuned in for the second one to find Carrey had moved next door to his ex or something in order to stalk her. After already having a bad taste in my mouth from the first episode, that did it for me. 

    Take in mind, I can watch something like Mr. Inbetween and not blink an eye. Unfortunately this show seems to be Jim Carrey basically saying "Hey, I'm a weirdo sociopath! Watch me play one on TV!" 

    They're still married.  Carrey's character was asked to move out by his wife, so when the show opens, he's living in an apartment and his wife and son are living in the family home.  The pilot episode brought up the idea that the Carrey character thought maybe he should move closer to home.  So he bought the house next door without telling his wife.  'Cause, y'know, that's something someone who was not a weirdo sociopath would definitely do.  That part was right after the two dudes in the horse muppet costume were shown humping, so I think I was just numb by that point.

    The pilot didn't even do a good job establishing the setup.  Most of the episode went by before I realized Frank Langella's character and the woman with the kid who wouldn't eat vegetables were related to Carrey's character.  I only figured that out when they showed up for dinner at Carrey's apartment (after he had previously told his son a couple relatives were coming over for dinner).

  5. 8 hours ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

     He's end of career Ken Griffey, Jr. or Alex Rodriguez level sad.

    FWIW, I'd much rather watch Griffey or A-Rod at the end of the careers than the Oldertaker.

    I can't imagine buying a house from a heavily tatted-up ex-wrestler.

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  6. Anyone watching Kidding?  I watched the first episode and...er... that's enough for me.  Just such a deliberately unpleasant show.  I get that the central conceit is the disconnect between the Carrey character's public persona (Mr. Rogers-style children's show host) and his real life, but everything was so overwhelmingly depressing and perverse.   The pendulum swung too far the other way for my liking.  I don't really expect any of the characters to be happy or well-adjusted given the tragedy they endured, but there's a huge difference between being overwhelmed by tragedy and being a sociopath in training like the son, or being overwhelmed by grief and simply being non-functional like Judy Greer's character.  Then there's just the needlessly out there stuff like the hand job scene or the two dudes in the horse costume humping inside the costume.  Ugh.

    I guess I'd be more inclined to give the show a chance if the pilot was exceptional but it was pretty average, imo.  I'll probably watch the rest of the season at some point, but there's plenty of other shows to check out right now.

  7. Was channel surfing this morning while half-watching the WWE Australia show on my laptop.  Panned by WGN America and found something called RingWarriors.  Apparently it's an indy out of Las Vegas with some sort of TV deal.   Bunch of local guys I have never heard of and a few national indy guys.  Wes Briscoe, Jeff Cobb, Austin Aries, and Eli Drake are the names I recognized.

    I'm kinda intrigued by the idea of another indy with a tv deal but everything about this was minor league.  The couple matches were very basic and entirely average.  There was a really dull, heatless brawl between two heel (?) teams that the announcers tried to sell as wild and out of control.  Not sure they watched the same footage I did.  I am sorta interested in the idea of a team calling itself the Slambinos managed by Disco Inferno.

    I dunno.  It's free cable and it's on at 8 Am Saturday, a time slot I'm normally home for and not that busy, but I don't fell like I'm missing anything if I don't watch it again.


  8. 2 hours ago, NikoBaltimore said:

    Before that Punk had a cheese grater rubbed on his stomach (I guess their attempt to take out his "Straight Edge" tattoo)  So on his way out some joker yelled "Why aren't you selling the cheese grater?!" and that's what set off Punk.  Don't know what happened to the heckler but that was/is Punk for ya.

    LOL, this is so hilariously random to me.  Like, why would a dude yammering about a cheese grater set Punk off?  If the dude did the "Is your refrigerator running?  You better go catch it" joke, would that also set him off?  If fans ask him what model of juicer Punk uses, does that bring up unpleasant memories of a difficult trip to Sears? 

     It's not even an insult, lol.  I guess it's a good thing no one asked Punk if his pen is out of ink.  That would have really sent him into a rage.

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  9. 2 hours ago, Zakk_Sabbath said:

    Yeah same with me, I thought it was wack but then I came around on it when I thought about the casts of things like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones getting them. It's no different, really. 

    I'm not a fan of tattoos in general.  Tattoos on a woman are an instant turn-off for me.  I'm ok with small, tasteful tattoos, but those seemed to fall out of favor 10-20 years ago.  Now even Sunday School teachers get full sleeves.  I was told (by a tattoo enthusiast) that tattoos have become more socially acceptable, so to show your individualism, you have to get more, bigger tats.  Again, getting a small tat on your bicep isn't a show of much when even Sunday School teachers are getting tats.  Tattoos are basically a younger person thing, not part of my generation.  

    That said, I do have one tattoo.  In 2009, four of my oldest friends and I ran the Comrades Marathon in South Africa (it's really a 55-mile ultramarathon, not the standard 26.2).  When we all finished, we decided to all get tattoos.  We considered  the date of the race, but decided on the logo of our favorite running shoe company.    So that's how I got the adidas "three stripe "logo tattooed on my right back shoulder blade.

    Having done it, my real objection to tattoos is that they hurt like h*ll.  Mine is tiny.  I'd die of alcohol poisoning long before I got drunk enough to agree to full sleeves or something large.

    I'm assuming the date is the date the Riott Squad started teaming together?  I can get behind that.

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  10. Pulled something in my back last night and couldn't bend over or fully straighten up for about 24 hours (it feels fairly good now), so I stayed home and watched a lot of tv today.  Random thoughts:

    SyFy had a Van Helsing marathon on from midnight to 1 PM.  Holy shit.  It's actually decent.  I kinda dislike the actress playing Vanessa (unfortunate, since she's the star)m so I was down with killing her with 3 eps left in the season.  I'd prefer the show to revolve more around the sister, Scarlet, but that ain't happening since Missy Peregrym is currently starring on a show on CBS.  New season of Van Helsing starts tomorrow.

    Speaking of which, the second episode of FBI held my interest a lot more than the first ep did.  

    Watched the tail end of season 1 of The Resident.  Much better than I expected and interesting characters.  I'm in for awhile.


  11. Rented Upgrade on a whim last night.  Generally speaking, I dislike horror movies and especially dislike gore.  I have very little patience for torture porn stuff like Saw, Hostel, the Purge, etc.  So nothing about the backgrounds of the people involved gave me any confidence I'd like the movie, but I decided to give it a go anyway.

    Solidly entertaining.  First half hour was a little meh, but the last 60 min was a blast.  

    Ending was surprising and nasty, but makes a lot of sense given what came before it.

  12. Friend of mine is going to get on an airplane in a few hours and move several states away.  We just found out Tuesday.  Doesn't feel she can stay in touch with anyone who knew her and her ex-husband as a couple.  Wife and I went to see her this morning fully prepared to do... something.  Talk her into staying, tell her she at least needed to keep in touch with her friends, something else.  Not sure what we thought we'd do.  I've been rehearsing conversations in my head since Tuesday, but five minutes after we got there, I knew this is something she needs to do.  She's miserable here.  And telling her she needs her friends is hollow considering how little time we've spent with her since the divorce and how much we've hung out with her ex-husband.

    Driving her to the airport in about an hour and a half.  Going to be hard to say goodbye.  Definitely feeling crappy.  Replaying the past nine months in my head and wishing we'd done more to be there for her.  We definitely could have been better friends.

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  13. Watched a few of the new pilots last night.

    Magnum PI was..... there.  I might check it out once or twice more but, at the moment, no desire to see more.  Pilot was very by the numbers.  None of the characters was fleshed out beyond "war buddies" and most of the actors lack screen presence.  I was pleasantly surprised the character death was wrapped up by episode's end and didn't play into some larger conspiracy.  

    FBI was somewhat interesting and the cast seems good, but.... I fell asleep ten minutes before the end credits and didn't care enough to go back and rewatch the last ten minutes.  Has some potential but the pilot didn't really grab me.

    Hoping to like New Amsterdam, but the pilot wasn't that sharp.  Seems like a good vehicle for Ryan Eggold, but the show needs punched up.

    I liked a Million Little Things but didn't love it.  Has potential.  I'm hoping the suicide that kicks off the show doesn't end up being some huge event.  It seems like it would be more fitting if they never figure out why he did it.


  14. 1 hour ago, Craig H said:

    Kim is my favorite character on this show and if there's anyone I want to see make it out of this unscathed it's her, but now I don't think that's going to happen.

    I feel like there's zero chance Kim walks away from this without being ruined in some fashion (personally, professionally, other).

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