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ON THE ROAD: CMLL SIN PIEDAD 2004 (12/17/04)

(by PHIL SCHNEIDER) So I am on this mysterious trip to Mexico, however various machinations kept me from seeing much lucha outside of one AAA trios match in a Playa de Carmen basketball court on Sunday night and Jucio Final. Got to check out the Lucha mags though, apparently Dan Severn did flag barer duty in […]

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ON THE ROAD: USA PRO (11/29/03)

[Michinoku Playaz] USA Pro 11/29/03, Road Report RD: Rev Ray Duffy, “find hungry samurai” PP: Pogo Pete Stein, FEE-RO-SHUS RD: I’ve been on a weird sleep cycle lately, which has resulted in me catching a lot of late night/early morning movies on cable, like Mother, Jugs and Speed one night and a few Kurosawa samurai […]

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ON THE ROAD: King of the Indies 2000

(by PHIL SCHNEIDER) So because I am certifiable, I grab a cheap plane ticket and fly down to my old stomping grounds in the San Francisco bay area, to see my parents and check out the King of the Indies. I will delete stories of going to the Oakland Zoo with my mom (SCREAMER MONKEYS~!) […]

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ON THE ROAD: ROH “Do or Die IV” & Third Anniversary Day 1 (02/19/05)

LACEY~! becomes the ANDERSON~! you most want to put the BLAST ON~! EBESSAN! Hardcore Icon! AUSTIN ARIES! Blows up real good! RING CREW EXPRESS! Station! BRYAN DANIELSON! American Werewolf in Elizabeth! PRINCE NANA! Is considered GENIUS~! in France! Your REXPLEX MEMORIAL EDITION of the ROH 2/19/05 Road Report! RD : Rev Ray Duffy “I’ve got ups! WAKKAWAKKAWAKKA!” PP : Pogo Pete Stein […]

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ON THE ROAD: WCW Nitro (06/17/96 – Richmond, VA)

DEAN ATTENDS HORSEMEN RALLY; CLIFF STAYS HOME AND VOMITS ON SHOES!! (also known as Dean goes to Nitro in Richmond) Howdy! I went to the Nitro deal tonight in Richmond (my hometown) and had a big old time; unfortunately without the incredibly sick Cliff, who was so sick that he couldn’t go to wrestling which […]

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ON THE ROAD: Ring of Honor (Manassas, VA – 05/09/08)

DVDVR ROAD REPORT: ROH – MANASSAS, VA 5/12/2008!, TYLER BLACK~ BABY DOLL~JIMMY JACOBS~! DHR= DEAN HENRY RASMUSSEN. Italian Hot Dog. TKG: TOMK. Some sandwich thing. PAS: Phil Schneider Peruvian Chicken LB: Lee Benaka also Peruvian chicken (Editor’s note: When Dean posted on the message board he wrote that the show was on May 12. It […]



2018~! is the year of PCO~! and L.A. PARK~! and BANDIDO~! DEAN~! has no idea who DYLAN KAGE~! is! WCW SIN~! fucking WCW SIN~! A look at how the DVD 500~! sausage got made! FLAMITA~! RYUCHI KAWAKAMI~! RUSH~! SID’S HORRIFIC LEG INJURY~! and so much MORE~! WELCOME TO DEATH VALLEY DRIVER VIDEO REVIEW – ISSUE #182 […]