This time we are focusing on THE LAAAAADDDDIIIIIEEEESSSSS~!

No filthy boys allowed.

251) JAGUAR YOKOTA vs. MONSTER RIPPER – AJW (04/07/82 – WWWA World Heavyweight Championship)


The amazing Jaguar Yokota defending the Red Belt against the woman who would (unfortunately) be remembered only as Rhonda Singh and Bertha Faye. The early Monster Ripper years were so much better. A different sort of Champ vs. Giant match that is hella enjoyable.


252) JAGUAR YOKOTA vs. WENDI RICHTER – AJW (10/05/82 – WWWA World Heavyweight Championship)


Wendi Richter as a heel showing she had learned from the Fabulous Moolah School of Sexual Exploitation… err… wrestling complete with her real trainer, Judy Martin, being at ring side. Interesting viewing especially for those who only know Richter from the WWF.

Reviewed by DEAN is DVDVR #80


253) JUMPING BOMB ANGELS (Noriyo Tateno/Itsuki Yamazaki) vs. GLAMOUR GIRLS (Judy Martin/Leilani Kai) – WWF ROYAL RUMBLE 1988 (01/24/1988 – 2 out of 3 Falls, WWF Women’s World Tag Team Championships)


From the first Royal Rumble (The one shown on USA with the Rumble that was won by Jim Duggan). This more for the “historical” nature as these two teams have far better matches that you can find before the Glamour Girls fully embraced the gimmick and when the Angels had names. (Despite having being identified matches previously – Vince McMahon is suddenly all “HOW CAN WE TELL THE DIFFERENCE?!?!?! I WILL CALL ONE OF THEM PINK!!! ALL LOOK SAME!!!).




From Schneider Comp #10 “Brutal cage match with both women juicing and using tons of weapons. The heat is amazing and Bull does a legdrop off the top of the cage. The first Joshi match I ever saw and one of my favorites. Voted on of the Best Joshi Matches of the 90s.”


255) AKIRA HOKUTO vs. RUMI KAZAMA – LLPW (09/11/93 – Hair Match)


Rumi Kazama isn’t the best. Akira Hokuto is. Here you have a tremendous match with Kazama having the match of her life while Hokuto is in the midst of one of the best years of her life. (They have a title match from earlier in the year which is great too but Hokuto is working on one leg in that.) One note – I have seen some places I trust have this match taking place on 9/11/93 and others I trust saying 11/9/93. SOMEONE read the date backwards and isn’t saying.


256) ALUNDRA BLAYZE vs. BULL NAKANO – WWF SUMMERSLAM 1994 (08/29/94 – WWF Women’s Championship)


The best of the Madusa/Nakano matches. Still weird to think about the fact that this occurred on a WWF PPV in the early 90s. Bull Nakano was the best.


257) MAYAMI OZAKI vs. DYNAMITE KANSAI – JWP (03/17/95 – Street Fight)


Reviewed by Dean in DVDVR #38

As described by Schneider for Schneider Comp #6 “Brutal streetfight, with gallons of blood tons of stiff shots, including Kansai kicking Ozaki in the face with chains wrapped around her ankles. Nasty brutal and really well worked. Voted one of the Top Joshi Matches of the 90s. Uncut Commercial version.”




Reviewed by Schneider in DVDVR #66

Another of the most polarizing matches around. Why? I leave you with this

1. Manami Toyota Vs. Kyoko Inoue (5/7 Tokyo) (175)1,119
2. Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon (8/27 Pittsburgh) (92)860
3. Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Psicosis (10/7 Philadelphia) (73)662
4. Mitsuharu Misawa & Kenta Kobashi vs. Akira Taue & Toshiaki Kawada (1/24 Yamagata) (83)648
5. Toshiaki Kawada vs. Kenta Kobashi (1/19 Osaka) (69)624
6. Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko (4/15 Philadelphia )(45)419
7. Mitsuharu Misawa & Kenta Kobashi vs. Akira Taue & Toshiaki Kawada (6/9 Tokyo) (37)361
8. Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Psicosis (9/22) Mexico City (22)321
9. Ultimo Dragon vs. Lion Heart (7/7 Tokyo) (5)227
10. Manami Toyota vs. Akira Hokuto (9/2 Tokyo) (12)201


259) COMBAT TOYODA vs. MEGUMI KUDO – FMW (5/5/96 – No-Rope Electrified Barbwire Deathmatch)


Pulled from DEAN’s Review in DVDVR #2

“The Kudo/Combat match reminded me of a Tenryu/Onita EBW Cage match I saw once that was cool because there was so much actual wrestling in it that you forget its an exploding barbed wire match, so when they hit the wire, the explosion is that much more impressive. This is definitely the most brutal match I’ve ever seen involving two women (including Hotta/Candori), maybe the most overall involving two people who are actual, card carrying wrestlers. I have to disagree with Phil when he said that the EBW was more horrifying than the two backdrop drivers at the end. I think I would definitely want to go head first into the barbed wire than get that next to last backdrop driver. That looked career-ending. GAEA just rules at every level.”


260) TOSHIE UEMATSU vs. MALIA HOSAKA – WCW MAIN EVENT (04/19/97 (Aired) – WCW Women’s Cruiserweight Title Tournament Finals)

If there was ever a match that perfectly captured by WCW would eventually crash and burn. The created a women’s cruiserweight title mainly because they had to do something with their partnership with GAEA. Then they have the tournament finals on the Main Event and it last less than four minutes. Still – the randomness of Toshie Uematsu being a champion in WCW.



Reviewed by Dean in DVDVR #36

Notice this match was taking place in GAEA at the same time that the women’s cruiserweight title match was airing. Oh sweet irony.


262) LAS CACHORRAS ORIENTALES (LCO) (Mima Shimoda/Etsuko Mita) vs. AJA KONG/KYOKO INOUE – ALL JAPAN WOMEN (08/10/97 (Aired))


“We then watched the tag match from the AJW 8/10 TV show- the infamous Fire Extinguisher/Fire alarm match and GOLLY! does this WAYY too much fun. This baby had everything in small doses except for the FMW level brawling which they had in large doses. Anyway, I loved this match just because you never get to see Aja and Kyoko get in these kinda brawls and it was a good one and I was digging it the most.”



263) LIONESS ASUKA vs. JAGUAR YOKOTA – Jd’ (10/22/97 – TWF World Women’s Championship)


Lioness Asuka and Jaguar Yokota basically trying to kill each other in what really is a forgotten match since no one but Dean and Lorefice watched Jd’. Why Yokota came out of retirement with a death wish is beyond me.


264) LCO (Mima Shimoda/Etsuko Mita) vs. KAORU/Toshiyo Yamada – GAEA (4/4/99)


One of my all time favorite matches.

From Schneider Comp #8 “insane street fight from GAEA with KAORU hitting a huge blade job. Great match which is like the best ECW brawls. Voted on of the Top Joshi Matches of the 90s.”


265) LCO (Mima Shimoda/Etsuko Mita) vs. TOMOKO WATANABE/KUMIKO MAEKAWA – ALL JAPAN WOMEN (03/04/90 – Cage Match)


There has been a little discussion on the board surrounding the nature of “Escape the Cage” Cage Matches – here is an example of how Tag Team Escape the Cage rules add so much to the story. That and all the blood staining the canvas. I like this better than the 2 out of 3 falls match they had.


266) AJA KONG vs. MEIKO SATOMURA – GAEA (12/05/01)


If I had to big my all time wrestling feud, I am probably gonna pick either Finlay/Regal or Aja/Meiko. All their matches should be essential viewing. I picked this one as it was Meiko big win. Oh spoilers I guess…


267) TRISH STRATUS vs. LITA – WWE RAW (12/06/04 – WWE Women’s Championship)


This would have worked a lot better if I my computer hadn’t crashed on Sunday and I had gotten this out when I wanted to. Stupid RAW. Anyway – here is that time that Trish and Lita Main Evented RAW. It is the match where Lita tries to maim herself while winning the title. It is also the match the WWE makes all the current generation of women say is their inspiration.


268) MICKIE KNUCKLES vs. MAYUMI OZAKI – IWA MIDSOUTH – (11/03/06 – Queen Of The Deathmatch Finals)


Legit crazy person Mayumi Ozaki works for legit terrible human being Ian Rotten. Yup, these were a thing.


269) FABY APACHE vs. MARY APACHE – AAA TRIPLEMANIA XVI (06/13/08 – Hair vs. Hair)


A key chapter in the telenovela that was the Apache Family/Billy Boy saga. Sisters Faby and Mary put their hair up against each other and leads to a father’s sacrifice. It is all emotional and shit.


270) KANA vs. SARA DEL RAY – CHIKARA (10/08/11)


Quasi baby Asuka vs. the behind scenes force of the WWE “women’s revolution”. This is one of their several matches that will show I am totally fine if they run the angle of Sara having to come out of retirement to end Asuka’s run.


271) AYUMI vs. MARCELA – CMLL (03/09/12, Aired on 03/17/12, CMLL World’s Women’s Championship)


Reviewed in DVDVR #171


272) PAIGE vs. EMMA – NXT (07/24/13 – NXT Women’s Title Tournament Finals)


Speaking of starts of the “women’s revolution” – here you have probably, at the time, the best WWE women’s match in a decade that quickly got surpassed over and over again. Still an important historical mile marker of Paul’s NXT.


273) KANA vs. ARISA NAKAJIMA – JWP (08/18/13 – JWP Openweight Title)



274) MARCELA/PRINCESA SUGEHIT vs. LA SEDUCTORA/PRINCESA BLANCA – CMLL (08/01/14 (Taped), 08/09/14 (Aired) – Losing Team Loses Mask and Hair)


Super high stakes match boosted by a rabid crowd. Finish is lit AF as the kids would say as Princesa Sugehit has to go 2 on 1 to save her mask and Marcela’s hair. Post match doesn’t disappoint either.


275) MAYUMI OZAKI vs. YUMI OHKA – OZ Academy (8/30/16)

(Can be found via Real Hero’s Puro Drive)

This is Oz’s 30th Anniversary Match. So I am gonna just sit over here being old and sad while you watch what is basically the female version of the Trauma 1/Canis Lupus match.