I was going to make a joke last week about “Geez – I wonder how long Seth Rollins will stay in the opening” and I forgot. So of course, this week’s show hits and he is gone. Of course Big E Langston is all over it still so someone is bound to have to do a whole lotta editing soon. Also – I think, THINK, Rollins was replaced by Emma.

HA! Regal called him Aaron Neville too!

Show opens with the first semifinal in the tag title tournament with Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey vs. Kassius Ohno and Leo Krueger. Is it wrong that my favorite thing about the match is how religiously the guys hold onto the tag rope? I didn’t notice it in any other tag match before but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Whoever is pushing that in training is my new favorite person. The best word to describe this match would be methodical. It was fine but it was a little too heavy on current WWE Style (aka CHINLOCK MANIA~!). It most certainly picked up near the end but it was like they gave the guys 15 minutes but told them they could only do 4 moves.

Dusty Rhodes doing backstage segments with the Divas makes me laugh way more than it should. They are shot in what appears to be my old High School History classroom and Dusty yells a lot for Naylor. I was entertained,

I have been remiss in mentioning how fucking good Big E Langston’s theme is. I’M A SOLDIER!!!

A nifty video package recapping the tournament that was run during the Rumble Fan Fest for the NXT spot. Of course – I am trying to not be infuriate at the fact that they put Bo Dallas over Luke Harper in the first round.

This is Luke Harper’s world and we are all getting to experience it. Why folks aren’t into him are still baffling to me? How many different way do you need him to headbutt Bo Dallas to love him? AND he fucking wastes McGilliguty with his lariat.


Poor poor terrible Tony Dawson. I mean this week a headlock equaled “an early submission move”.

Yeah – while amusing last week, the fact that they decided to just do the Summer Rae I guess you would call it turn out of nowhere is some TNA level booking. Not only do they transition their ring announcer into wrestler with no tease but you have her being heel doing a pseudo Beautiful People gimmick.

Connor O’Brian debuts squashing a Lance Storm trainee. Blargh.

The Asian ref did not have the finest of weeks with his baffling I AM THROWING OUT BRAY WYATT! WAIT MAYBE I AM NOT! OH SHINY!!!