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1001 MATCHES: Medium One (Part 1)

50 matches to get 700. Part 2 can be found here. 651) RIKIDOZAN vs. MASAHIKO KIMURA – JAPAN PRO WRESTLING ALLIANCE (12/22/54 – Japan Heavyweight Championship) Rikidozan shoots on Kimura and this happens ~!~ 652) GIANT BABA vs. THE DESTROYER – JWA (03/05/69) A long match that seems to go by in the blink of […]

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1001 MATCHES: 7 to 100

(by PHIL RIPPA) This will be the first of many 1001 Matches additions. If you missed me terribly explaining the list – CLICK THIS FIRST Since I really like round numbers – and since Dean shot his wad on the board, here are the first seven post DVDVR 100 matches to get added to the […]