EPISODE #7 (01/10/17)


There might have been more for the What Worked column but I left my notes at work and I remember being angry when watching the show so, to be honest, I just would have mocked members of the crowd some more. I am saving me from myself.


+ Austin Aries describes the different effects various mist colors have while explaining why Brian Kendrick isn’t blind after being green misted last week.

+ If you could fill the crowd with the three mini John Cena’s seen behind the than you would have an audience that cares.

+ Akira Tozawa is still coming so that is nice. I hate that this style of newcomer promotion isn’t done for Main Roster guys. Maybe do this for Andrade “Cien” Almas instead of week after week just saying that Sin Cara is too much of a bitch to face him.

+ Tony Nese had one cool sequence in the Main Event.


The first 25 minutes was dedicated to the Cedric Alexander/Noam Dar/Alicia Fox saga. It’s one thing to devote that much time to something on a three hour show since fuck knows three hours is a lot of show to fill. But no amount of FOOOOOOXXXXXX!!!!es is going to justify 25% of a show. Plus this finish is horseshit since Alicia is crazy and helps Dar win after helping Cedric earlier. Someone is probably going to remind me that the entire thing was done for Total Divas and that is going to irritate me more.

I would say Corey Graves being pro-stalker doesn’t age well but it probably should have been settled down in the moment. Of course, he is probably playing to the WWE base.

Sean Maluta shows up for another week and boy did they really have a weird priority list of guys they wanted to feature from the Cruiserweight Classic. Or they are just racist. Either way – Gran Metallik is getting boned.

At least Maluta has a storyline reason for being here this week because Tajiri beat him last week and so Kendrick comes out and says he will beat Maluta even quicker. And since we have all watched wrestling, we know this means that Maluta takes the entire match until Kendrick gets one counter and then the submission via the Captain’s Hook. Blah.

This week in never ending Jack Gallagher/Ariya Daivari segments is a contract signing… excuse me… a “Parlay”. Someone finally watched a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Though someone on the writing staff being a degenerate gambler is also easy to assume. Long story short – they are going to have an “I Forfeit” match; presumably next week.

The main is a glorified squash because we have to get to Rich Swann and Neville awkwardly promo battling to establish that they will have a title match at Royal Rumble. It is going to be on the main card so minor victory. (Enjoy those PPV DVD royalties while you can Neville!)