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11 hours ago, Log said:

Are there any good Flair/Valentine matches out there in the world? Is that bloody one up there available anywhere?

Also, re: Valentine/Flair, check out this series:


I pointed you to 6 because it is more about their feud happening, along with the audio. You can really see that come together in part 7, but for the most part this feels like legendary stuff that we just barely have.

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4 hours ago, Zimbra said:

I always thought the Sasaki/Nakajima was one of the sweetest stories in wrasslin

I knew they took him in, but I didn't realize his home life wasn't that good. Always enjoyed the Kensuke Family dynamic. It was fun to see in AJPW.

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25 minutes ago, WholeFnMachine said:

What’s your blog address? My daughter’s name is Parker.

Parkers unite!  Just started blogging a month ago, writing about wrestling is really fun.  Www.indywrestlingreview.com


Also, here's more insanity because I dont wanna just be shilling my blog


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1 hour ago, The Natural said:

AEW Dynamite Spoiler:

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Just saw this. That was nuts. Darby's probably my favorite guy on the AEW roster. The match itself is pretty solid.

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