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Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 2/18/20

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*Taped for Xplosion: The Deaners (Cody Deaner & Cousin Jake) def. oVe (Jake Crist & Madman Fulton)

Impact Wrestling - Airing February 18, 2020 from Las Vegas, NV

*TJP (w/ Fallah Bahh) def. Josh Alexander (w/ Ethan Page) with a rollup

*Willie Mack def. Johnny Swinger with the Frog Splash

*Madison Rayne def. Mazzarati after the CrossRayne

*Eddie Edwards def. Michael Elgin in Match 3 of the Best of 5 with a small package

*Rhino def. Dave Crist (w/ Jake Crist) after the Gore. Moose did commentary.

*Ace Austin & Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend) def. Tessa Blanchard, Trey Miguel, & Tommy Dreamer

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TJP and Alexander are good dance partners. Alexander has a long, lanky frame that TJP can do things around and to, and Alexander can throw him around with all his power stuff. TJP hit a really nice reckless tornillo in this one. Only match I was looking forward to and it delivered. 

I looked it up and they still make Hot Stuff High-Def Optimizer Oil, so Swinger hasn't had to break into his private stock after all.

RVD is so good at being a condescending prick, made a good point about the Internet, and was completely baked out of his mind all at the same time. His man-bun wasn't as irritating as Seth Rollins' though. 

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Agreed on Eddie/Elgin and Josh/TJP. the Eddie/Elgin series has been excellent, great opponents.

the flashback match of Pope/Anderson from 2010 was such a great moment, felt like a star making win for Pope in the main event of a PPV with that reaction at the time. 

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