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[NXT] RESULTS FROM MELBOURNE (Will Contain Spoilers)

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Ember Moon beat Liv Morgan and Billie Kay.

Cien Almas beat Wesley Blake.

The Revival beat Riddick Moss and Tino Sabatelli.

Oney Lorcan beat Patrick Clark.

DIY beat TM61 to retain the NXT Tag Titles.

Buddy Murphy and Tye Dillinger beat Bobby Roode and Elias Samson.

Asuka beat Peyton Royce to retain the NXT Women's Title.

Shinsuke Nakamura beat Samoa Joe in a Steel Cage to retain the NXT Title.


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This was an incredible show to be at live.

First thing to go over is the women - They were all fantastic. The triple threat had a couple of botches (Liv Morgan looked like she broke her back on a tope attempt) but they stiffed the crap out of each other and they put together a great story of Liv and Ember wanting to wrestle a match while Billie kept trying to cheat and sneak a pin. Ember's finish is great to see live.

The Asuka v Peyton match was the low light. It was a solid match but Peyton's offence didn't look like it would hurt a fly and with how dominating Asuka had been I think we were all expecting more of a squash.

Tye Dillinger the most over man of the night outside of Joe and Nakamura. The '10' chants were loud and often.

Patrick Clark my surprise of the night. He started out as the heel against Lorcan and the crowd mocked him with chants of 'Purple Rain' and 'Sexual Chocolate'. He ran with both of those though and stalled and preened like no one else and we ended up turning and loving him for it. The match took a tonal shift as well with Clark getting the big babyface fire up spot and comeback before Lorcan tied him up with a quick submission win.

Of everyone there I think Clark worked the crowd the best and he has a future as the "Too good for you" heel that turns into the fired up underdog face. He would be perfect to team with The Drifter and then turn face against him.

Bobby Roode deserves a mention. His work on the apron during the tag match was great. At one point Samson got Dillinger in a headlock and Bobby screams "Thats 1 point for us" and he chalked it up on his imaginary board. Then Samson went to a head lock takedown and Bobby screams "That's another 1 for us" and put it up.

Dillinger escaped and the crowd are chanting "one! one! one!"

Dillinger and Samson lock up and Tye schools him. Headlock, takedown, spins on his back, arm wrench, rolls through etc. Samson with no offence for 30 seconds before backing into a corner and Tye looks at the crowd... "Ten! Ten! Ten! Ten!"

Actually this whole match was awesome. All the tag matches were thinking back on it now. Elias Samson is a fantastic heel. This isn't "Go Away/XPac heat" at all. The crowd loved giving him a hard time and I think he loved getting such a massive heel reaction out of us.

The Revival are the best in the world. So much trash talking. At one point Dawson had Moss in a headlock as Moss is reaching for the tag. Dash is yelling out "Reach Moss, reach... Reach harder! Aww you're so close... OK Scott bring him here" and Dawson just walks him back across the ring to laughs and cheers.

Tino Sabatelli has something. He and Moss worked face (but were booed through the match) but when Tino got the hot tag the crowd went with him and he was a really great 'house of fire' in that spot. He hit some really great tackles, a criss-cross spot, and then finished with a super clean press slam of Dash into Dawson. The crowd gave him a pretty loud cheer for that and you can see why the trainers etc in NXT think he is worth having around.

DIY v TM61 was my match of the night. These 4 were flat out, full speed for the entire match. They must have gone close to 20-25 minutes, it felt long but was never boring. No rest holds just chain wrestling that built into a chop fest that built into suplexs that built into double teams and high spots. If they run with this as the title match for the Rumble Takeover it is every chance to steal the show.

The final word is for Joe and Nakamura. This match was brutal. Stiff shots from both guys that had us all cringing and ooooo-ing and aahhhh-ing. The finish was bonkers. Nakamura tried to escape the cage but Joe followed. Shots from Joe and he sets Nakamura up for the Muscle Buster off the top of the cage!

Nak fights out of it and elbows Joe back down to the mat. He then rope walks like The Undertaker and hits a Kinshasa from the middle of the top rope. Referee opens the cage door but as Nakamura is leaving Joe stirs and screams at Nakamura "Cowaaaard!"

Huge reaction from the corwd - "OOOhhhhhhhhh! Holy shit! Holy Shit!"

Nak freezes, sees Joe is moving and does the Undertaker 'slam the door' spot before running straight through Joe with a 2nd Kinshasa. He then struts to the corner and starts shaking, throws the arm back and as he charges in Joe jumps up and goes for a clothesline. Nakamura sees this coming and also jumps and they collide for a standing Kinshasa! Nak with the cover and a massive roar as he retains the title.

Overall it was an amazing night. Easily the hottest crowd I've been part of and the extra cash for front row was well worth it. I'll be back again next time without even hesitating.

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Hard to follow that. 

Kinda glad if I never see another Joe/Nak match again. I don't think they gel well together at all. I kinda feel the same way about Nakamura in NXT that most do about Ambrose. Just replace Kinchasa with wacky rope clothesline, or "charismatic" with "lunatic" and it's the same guy who does the same sequence over and over again with a really forced down throat description. If you wanted to be really cynical, you'd have Asuka in a similar position or at best same criticisms with Lesnar/diminishing returns.

Interested to see what they do with Patrick Clark. LWP's right, he has something. Loney is terrible though. Surely a release candidate. Probably say the same for Buddy Murphy. Tags up with the most over guy on the night in his hometown and barely gets a reaction.

TM61 vs DIY probably a candidate for one of the best matches I've ever seen live. That was awesome to watch. Revival were great too. Possibly the closest thing I've ever seen to a heel hot tag segment and it was fantastic.

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L_W_P, excellent writeup on that show.  Sounds like it a great time for sure.  I griped in the other thread about Joe/Nakamura not gelling, yet the finish to the cage match sounds awesome.  I doubt they'll air that on the network, but would love to see it somehow.

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Disappointed they didnt show more from Melbourne. The crowd also sounded very muted for the cage match. It was not that quiet and a few chants sounded like they got cut off early, mostly so that the commentary could be heard I guess.

Want to see more from Billie Kay. She has the entrance and look down, just needs the experience now.

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 It's weird too, the crowd was pretty loud for the majority of the Melbourne show, though the constant 10 chants in every match got really old fast.

 Also went to the Sydney show earlier this week. Which was a really fun show.

 Tozawa def Almas in a really fun match, crowd loved Tozawa. Almas is so much more entertaining as a heel too.

 Billie Kay and Peyton Royce def Aliyah and Liv Morgan. Kay and Royce got one of the biggest reactions of the show, nothing they did could make the crowd boo them. Even when they denounced their hometown of Sydney and said they wanted to be announced as hailing from Orlando, the crowd loved them. Liv is pretty good, Aliyah isn't bad but she's so small and her movements just make her look really timid.

 Oney Lorcan def Wesley Blake in a good match. Blake is solid and seeing Biff live was cool. Crowd was a little restless due to not really knowing or caring about either, but warmed up when they saw that these guys were going all out to win the crowd over.

 Patrick Clark challenging Oney to an impromptu match and then losing within 30 seconds was entertaining sports entertainment bullshit. Clark is great on the mic, using local insults to goad Oney into the match, his entrance, the whole deal.

 DIY vs The Revival was fantastic as you'd expect. They went 20+ minutes and just told a story that drew the crowd in and had the place going nuts by the time they started with the close nearfalls. The Revival had a weird thing on this tour where the crowd loved them, but the nastier they were the crowd didn't boo them, but instead just cheered DIY more. All of the double team moves and nearfall saves were so well done with Ciampa beating Dawson with the armbar.

 TM61 def Sabbatelli/Moss in a so so match. Crowd loved TM61 obviously but couldn't have given a shit about the other two. Match was fine, but the crowd never really got into it.

 Asuka retaining her title against Ember Moon was an excellent match as you'd expect. If/when they do this match on a Takeover special they're going to blow minds. Really cool counters and athletic spots, plus they beat the shit out of each other. Ember's tope is something else too, she just sprinted at full speed and hit Asuka like a bullet.

 Main event of Shinsuke/Dillinger and Murphy def Joe/Roode/Samson was what it was. Elias Samson is a king on the mic. When the crowd started booing that the main was a 6 man instead of the advertised Shinsuke/Joe/Tye/Roode 4 way he stated that it was changed per his request, before doing an awful cover of Back In Black on his guitar. If anything, his schtick and playing to the crowd meant that he was cheered mostly by the end of the match. Match itself was okay, Nakamura looked beaten up and Joe did very little so i'm assuming that the match was changed due to the beating they gave each other in the cage. Murphy got some cheers and a fair few boos due to his being from Melbourne and the interstate rivalry with Sydney, but he won the crowd over by taking a beating whenever he was in. Shinsuke got the win on Samson and the crowd went home happy, Shinsuke thanking the crowd, using some Aussie slang and doing his pose with Tye before making Murphy do it as well by kicking his legs out was amusing.


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