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UFC Fight Night 94: Poirier vs. Johnson (9/17/2016) - Hidalgo, TX (State Farm Arena)


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UFC Fight Night 94: Poirier vs. Johnson 
September 17, 2016
Hidalgo, TX (State Farm Arena)

Dustin Poirier (156) vs. Michael Johnson (154.5) - Johnson, KO (punches), R1 (1:35)
Uriah Hall (185.5) vs. Derek Brunson (186) - Brunson, TKO (punches), R1 (1:41)
Evan Dunham (156) vs. Rick Glenn (154.5) - Dunham, DEC (unanimous)
Roan Carneiro (171) vs. Kenny Robertson (170.5) - Carneiro, DEC (split)  
Chris Wade (156) vs. Islam Makhachev (155.5) - Makhachev, DEC (unanimous)
Chas Skelly (146) vs. Maximo Blanco (145.5) - Skelly, SUB (d'arce choke), R1 (0:19)

Fox Sports 1 Preliminary Card:
Gabriel Benítez (145.5) vs. Sam Sicilia (146) - Benítez, SUB (guillotine choke), R2 (1:20)
Augusto Montaño (170.5) vs. Belal Muhammad (170.5) - Muhammad, TKO (punches), R3 (4:19)
Antônio Carlos Júnior (185) vs. Leonardo Augusto Guimarães (186) - Carlos Júnior, SUB (rear naked choke), R3 (4:46)
José Alberto Quiñonez (134.5) vs. Joey Gomez (135) - Quiñonez, DEC (unanimous)

Fight Pass Preliminary Card:
Erick Montaño (171) vs. Randy Brown (171) - Brown, SUB (guillotine choke), R3 (0:18)
Alejandro Pérez (135) vs. Alberto Morales (135) - DRAW (majority)

Event Bonuses ($50,000)
Performance of the Night: Chas Skelly
Performance of the Night: Michael Johnson
Fight of the Night: Evan Dunham vs. Rick Glenn

Attendance: 5,624
Gate: $323,419
Rating: 826,000 viewers

Cancelled Bouts:
Manvel Gamburyan vs. Alejandro Pérez - Gamburyan Withdrew From Bout
Abel Trujillo vs. Evan Dunham - Injury to Trujillo (Arm)

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2 minutes ago, Elsalvajeloco said:

Anyone else thinks that Sam Sicilia looks like a bearded Rob Corddry?

Anyway, hell of a finish from Gabriel Benitez. Didn't allow Sicilia to land a giant haymaker and chopped him down with leg kicks. Dropped him in the last round and then choked him to sleep.

Yeah, that is one of those, "I think I need to keep an eye out for this guy," performances.  The thing that the UFC does best is put up and coming guys like Benitez in situations where they can build a fan base. 

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Damn, Derek Brunson has truly become an outstanding middleweight.

Happy for Evan Dunham.  Not sure if I see him breaking top 10, but he's at least doing well for himself right now.  This is the first time he's gone four in a row in the UFC in six years.

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I think it's safe to say that Brunson hits like a ton of bricks.  Her Dean should have either stopped it as soon as he hit the ground, or let Hall work after Brunson didn't land a single follow up shot.  That shot was brutal, and I think he was out until the shock of hitting the ground woke him up.

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