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CWC "DARK" MATCHES (ie: looks like they won't air)


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Just because it was asked for. Here are all the matches that were taped during the Quarterfinals tapings that appear to be used to just fill time. So yeah - technically these might show up as filler at some point.


- Hideo Itami defeated Curtis Alexander

Enhancement talent Curtis (not Cedric) Alexander did a lot of comedy and they had a fun match. Hideo Itami clobbered him with a GTS for the win.

- Cedric Alexander defeated Oney Lorcan

This was seemingly a showcase match for Cedric Alexander to prepare for his Raw debut. Crowd wasn't making noise early on even though the work was good. A handspring spin kick by Alexander got the people going. Oney Lorcan hit a huge uppercut. 

Alexander finally hit the lumbar check for the win. Post-match, he looked in the camera and said “I ain't going nowhere!”

- Drew Gulak & Tony Nese defeated Kenneth Johnson & Lince Dorado

Tony Nese hit a 450 on Kenneth Johnson in a showcase match for Nese and Drew Gulak.

- The Bollywood Boyz defeated Sean Maluta & Ariya Daivari

Cool down match to allow The Bollywood Boyz to finally team up together. Fast-paced action and everyone got their big moves in to showcase themselves. Two splashes by The Bollywood Boyz for the win.

Also during the 2nd round tapings they did also have the following

Dark Match: TM-61 def. Sean Maluta and Mustafa Ali 

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