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UFC Fight Night 51: Silva vs. Arlovski II (9/13/2014) - Brasília, Brazil (Ginásio Nilson Nelson)


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UFC Fight Night 51: Silva vs. Arlovski II

September 13, 2014

Brasília, Brazil (Ginásio Nilson Nelson)


Antônio Silva (264) vs. Andrei Arlovski (248) - Arlovski, KO (punches), R1 (2:59)

Gleison Tibau (156) vs. Piotr Hallmann (155) - Tibau, DEC (split)

Léonardo Santos (155) vs. Efrain Escudero (156) - Santos, DEC (unanimous)

Santiago Ponzinibbio (171) vs. Wendell Oliveira (170) - Ponzinibbio, TKO (punches), R1 (1:20)

Iuri Alcântara (136) vs. Russell Doane (136) - Alcântara, DEC (unanimous)

Jéssica Andrade (134) vs. Larissa Pacheco (136) - Andrade, SUB (guillotine choke), R1 (4:33)


Fight Pass Preliminary Card:

Godofredo Castro (146) vs. Dashon Johnson (146) - Castro, SUB (triangle armbar), R1 (4:29)

Igor Araújo (171) vs. George Sullivan (171) - Sullivan, KO (punches), R2 (3:31)

Francisco Trinaldo (155) vs. Leandro Silva (156) - Trinaldo, DEC (unanimous)

Paulo Thiago (171) vs. Sean Spencer (170) - Spencer, DEC (unanimous)

Rani Yahya (136) vs. Johnny Bedford (136) - Yahya, SUB (kimura), R2 (2:04)


Event Bonuses ($50,000):
Performance of the Night: Godofredo Castro
Performance of the Night: Andrei Arlovski

Fight of the Night: Gleison Tibau vs. Piotr Hallmann


Attendance: 8,822


Cancelled Bouts:

Sérgio Moraes vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio - Injury to Moraes (Knee)

Paulo Thiago vs. Joe Riggs - Injury to Riggs (Accidentally shot himself in the hand)

Francisco Trinaldo vs. Efrain Escudero - Both Received Different Opponents

Jéssica Andrade vs. Valérie Létourneau - Injury to Létourneau

Paulo Thiago vs. Mike Rhodes - Injury to Rhodes

Léonardo Santos vs. Łukasz Sajewski - Injury to Sajewski

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If we don't see it on some U.S. PPV, we're going to see Junior Dos Santos try to avenge his countryman against Arlovski in Brazil. I just have that feeling.


I bet Joe Silva has already asked Arlovski to fight Overeem.



Training partners. Shit, Overeem almost injured Arlovski going into this bout.

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Well, given lazy UFC matchmaking we can then expect Arlovski vs. Rothwell II and Overeem vs. Bigfoot II.


Arlovski actually won a fight that was kinda noteworthy. They might try to use him to anchor a card that desperately needs a co-main event. That's why I picked JDS. Honestly, Arlovski vs. Fat Dancing Rothwell II would be as good a fight you can make imaginable with guys not named Velasquez, Dos Santos, or Werdum. That's not lazy matchmaking at all.

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JDS vs. Arlovski is a bigger fight than any of those fights though.  Miocic is still not there in terms of name power yet. He honestly needs to fight on a bigger platform, preferably on FOX during the NFL season. Miocic vs. Mitrione in December would be exciting for that one or one and a half rounds it lasted. He mashes Mitrione in front of the biggest audience possible (to make up for that putrid Gonzaga fight) and then he's on to bigger and better things.

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Bigfoot Silva was still ranked in the top 5 before this fight.  So this win doesn't essentially put Arlovski in the top 5, but easily in the top 10.  


Also Josh Barnett doesn't have a fight lined up yet either.  He is going to have to fight somebody too.

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Bigfoot is, pardon the pun, a mystery.  He's taken flush shots from Fedor,  Overeem, and Mark F'n Hunt and not been dazed.  But other guys tag him and he drops.

Maybe Arlovski hits harder than Hunt. He can't take a shot like Hunt can, but Arlovski has always been pretty dangerous if he tags you. Couple of quick ones to the chin (quicker than Hunt throws one), and Silva went down. The hammers did the rest. 


Granted, Fedor hit pretty hard, but not everything is equal. Arlovski is as big as Silva, for one thing, which Fedor isn't. As for how Silva took all that from Reem without dying, who knows. Maybe he had more faith in Alistair gassing than Arlovski.


Pretty blown away by that fight. AA has always been a favourite of mine (ok, not always, but I liked him from the Matyushenko fight onward), but as flakey as my other HW favourite, Le Banner. I hoped, but didn't think, he could do this. I thought he'd trip up and KO himself on the way into the Octagon. 

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Andrei just looked so anemic in the first fight. IIRC, that was the fight where he said the post-fight interview he proved he had a good chin. It was also back when he still was training with Freddie Roach for some unknown reason. This fight was the EXACT opposite. Pezao, off TRT, just looking uncoordinated and flat footed.  The first low kick he threw was so goddamn clumsy.

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I don't know why Bigfoot was such a big favourite. Has Arlovski gone shit in the last few years or something? Because this fight played out like Andrei Arlovski vs Heavy Bag.


because Arlovski hasn't had an exciting fight or a decent finish in forever. he's been tentative and unwilling to trade so most of his fights go to decision. And he hasn't fought any top competition in quite a while. plus Bigfoot won the last time they fought (via decision).  add that up and it's a short jump to say that Bigfoot will win.


FWIW, i don't think Arlovski's chin is that bad. the only people to put him out have been some of the heaviest hitters.

what's terrible is his defense. dude blocks all the punches with his face.

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