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Any interest in doing various "Best Of" projects?


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We have the general review thread, and the network club thread, but I was thinking all this HQ footage would make for some easy and fun "Best Of" discussions/lists. With every show broken down by match (unless it involves that one guy), it wouldn't be too hard to best of various wrestlers, shows, years, etc. We could even do "worst of" lists if people want to go that route. It can just be open discussion or we can all submit ballots and do dramatic list unveilings. I think there's a lot of potential for fun topics here.


Anyway, this thread is just to see if there is any interest in doing something like this and/or to kick around ideas. If we can get enough people in on one topic, we can go from there.



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How would it work? Someone randomly picks a wrestler (say Bulldog) and watches some of his matches from a certain period while someone else watches from another and so on?




Poster 1 is assigned 1990-1991

Poster 2 is assigned 1992-1993




Once everyone has their personal 'best' and 'worst' list they bring it to the table and we discuss and bracket style break it down? Maybe I am thinking in overly complex ( and completely uneeded) terms.

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