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Found 2 results

  1. So who are the best and worst of the identikit intense indie kids? Who most strongly embodies the category, and to whom does it not apply? We'll see. My opening opinions are as follows: BEST JOHNNY KICKPADS: Low Ki. Arguably should be disqualified for actually having a kick based offence, but he was one of the originators of the style, and embodies much of the archetype. He's tiny. He works pointlessly stiff. He does dangerous spots and has finisher spamming matches. He has had no memorable promos in a near two decade career. But he's also had some bloody brilliant matches in his time. So I'll say he's the best. WORST JOHNNY KICKPADS: Nobody immediately springs to mind, because they're indistinct and unmemorable. So I'll put Quiet Storm here as a placeholder. Storm Cradle Driver! MOST JOHNNY KICKPADS: Again tricky, as they blur into one. So I'll pick two, the Spanish Announce Team. Amazing Red made it to TNA twice, Jose and Joel never did. Why? Because they were too Johnny Kickpads. NOT JOHNNY KICKPADS: Yeah, I'll give Drake Maverick his due. He realised his lack of size obliged him to work a style his body couldn't handle, so he changed his game, adopted the Rockstar persona and ultimately bought about the end of the kickpad era. Before that, he was a Johnny. But then he killed Johnny.
  2. first off its great to see DVDR forums up and running if your new to our podcast,what we do is talk about indy wrestling,we review recent shows from different promotions and we preview upcoming show for the weekend This Week's Edition of The Whole Indy Show is now available for the weekend of 8/2/13.On this week's show Ash,Sandro & Randy talk about news of the week including PWG BOLA news,IWA Mid-South bring back a famous tournament,Wrestling Is News and an update on All Japan & the recent news about Keiji Mutoh's meeting with Jeff Jarrett.Ash gives an update on the Chikara Conspiracy.On the Second Segment the guys goes over results from the past weekend including RWE,USA Pro,Wrestling Is Fun!,AAW,ROH TV Spoilers & DG-USA Double Header.as well as Sandro's full detailed report of DG-USA Enter The Dragon show (which he attended)In the last segment Ash & Sandro (Randy had to leave at this point) talk about the breaking news that came in during recording of ROH stopping talents from selling their own personal t-shirt sales from an independent website.then its preview time as the guys previews show for this weekend including AAW special charity show,CWF Mid-Atlantic,New Japan's G1 Climax,Wrestling Is Awesome & ROH big event in Toronto.all this and more.start your weekend off with a slice of Indy Goodness with The Whole Indy Showhttp://www.snsradionetwork.com/the-whole-indy-show-08-02-13-now-archived/if you have any questions on anything indy wrestling send us an email to [email protected] like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheWholeIndyShow if you missed our past editions of our podcast.check out our archives http://www.snsradionetwork.com/category/why/
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