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  1. Won't need this until till after the games today but I am sure I will forget so I am starting it now To recap from the end of the Week 18 thread - The Broncos have received permission to speak to Sean Payton (though the interview can't take play till after the first round of the playoffs) - Sean McVay is doing his annual "I don't know if I want to coach anymore" bit
  2. This showed up in my twitter feed and I know @DEANwill appreciate it
  3. To follow up on the report two weeks ago about team offering "multiple" 1st round picks to the Panthers for Brian Burns Albert Breer says it is the Rams doing so - which would explain the Panthers not being interested (The Rams don't have a 2023 1st round pick - so at the moment it would be 2024 and 2025)
  4. Reportedly the Ravens are bringing in DeSean Jackson for a work out
  5. Season starts Thursday with Bills at Rams Sunday Night game is Tampa at Dallas Only one MNF game this year on Week 1 - Russell Wilson's return to Seattle Full Week 1 Schedule
  6. I am gonna start this now because I am positive I will forget to do it tomorrow before folks start getting fired The Jets released Shaq Lawson. To sum up, the Jets sent a 6th round pick to Houston for him and then stopped playing him three weeks ago because they totally weren't tanking. It will save them 9 million on next year's cap.
  7. We are months away from the draft and weeks away from knowing the full order but I am starting the thread because there is draft related news https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32998827/nfl-teams-lose-draft-pick-face-fines-unprofessional-conduct-draft-prospect-interviews Basically teams can't keep asking players about their sexuality or if their mother is a prostitute
  8. The Ravens have released Le'Veon Bell
  9. Teams are already starting to report (Cowboys vets reported a couple days ago - the Bucs vets report tomorrow) Rest of teams start on the 7/27 Meanwhile...
  10. I am starting this thread now since I expect Adam Gase to be fired by the time I hit post
  11. Okay - just to recap the stupidest week of the season (for now) No Thursday Game 2 Monday Night Games 1 Tuesday Night Game 2 Teams on bye (Yes - two teams on on bye in the first week of Dec)
  12. Of course we are gonna start the week with a positive test result Falcons DT Marlon Davidson has tested positive So not only will they being doing the enhanced protocols the Carolina Panthers will be also since they played against the Falcons last week. The "good" news at least for the Panthers is that Davidson doesn't play a lot - and he was only on the field for 17 plays.
  13. You know, the funny part is that Bill O'Brien is pretty much without debate the best coach in Texans history. It's too bad he didn't have a better GM.
  14. So all day yesterday we were hearing about this HORRIBLE NEWS for the Washington FC. They just announced that Larry Michael is gone as the lead broadcaster for their radio show. Actually he is retiring. This is definitely what I don't consider bad news. RIP Skintangibles
  15. Apparently Black Monday starts on Saturday now. "You're fired but we need you to cover your shift tomorrow." Nice. For what it's worth, a spokesperson for Shad Khan is denying this.
  16. Playoff scenarios for Week 14 RAVENS Clinches division title: BAL win + PIT loss or tie BAL tie + PIT loss Clinches playoff berth BAL win BAL tie + TEN loss or tie BAL tie + HOU loss or tie HOU loss + IND loss or tie + TEN-OAK ends in tie CHIEFS Clinches division title: KC win + OAK loss PATRIOTS Clinches playoff berth: NE win NE tie + PIT loss NE tie + TEN loss or tie NE tie + HOU loss or tie HOU loss + IND loss or tie + TEN-OAK ends in tie BILLS Clinches playoff berth: BUF win + HOU loss + OAK loss or tie + IND loss or tie SEAHAWKS Clinches playoff berth: SEA win or tie NINERS Clinches playoff berth: SF win + LAR loss or tie SF tie + LAR loss
  17. The Chargers have fired offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt And the trade deadline is today at 4 pm
  18. To follow up on the end of last week Giving up a #1 for Fitzpatrick is stupid Giving up a #1 when you just lost your starting QB for the season is really stupid
  19. Kickoff game is Thursday - Green Bay at Chicago The Sunday night game is Pittsburgh at New England The two Monday Night games are Texans at Saints and Broncos at Raiders
  20. League renewed - Yahoo emailed everyone who was in last year's league (at whatever email address you use on Yahoo) https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/register/joinprivategroup?gid=18402&password=LIGER~! For some reason it didn't email everyone who was in the league last year so you will have to re-enter on your own (unless I find the email thingy) Usual reminder that - YOU NEED TO BE REGISTERED BEFORE THE THURSDAY WEEK 1 GAME
  21. For those of us that aren't participating in the 2018 NFL playoffs. . .damn it. . .it's time to start looking at the 2019 NFL Draft. Here are how the first 20 picks look right now. The team records and Strength of Schedule (the first tiebreaker) are there as well. Some of these might shift slightly due to SoS after the Colts/Titans game, as some of them are pretty close together. Arizona Cardinals (3-13, .527) San Francisco 49ers (4-12, .504) New York Jets (4-12, .506) Oakland Raiders (4-12, .547) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-11, .523) New York Giants (5-11, .527) Jacksonville Jaguars (5-11, .549) Detroit Lions (6-10, .504) Denver Broncos (6-10, .523) Buffalo Bills (6-10, .523) Cincinnati Bengals (6-10, .535) Green Bay Packers (6-9-1, .488) Miami Dolphins (7-9, .469) Atlanta Falcons (7-9, .482) Washington Redskins (7-9, .486) Carolina Panthers (7-9, .508) New York Giants (from Cleveland Browns, 7-8-1, .516) Minnesota Vikings (8-7-1, .504) Tennessee Titans (9-7, .520) Pittsburgh Steelers (9-6-1, .504) Seattle Seahawks (10-6, .484) Baltimore Ravens (10-6, .496) Houston Texans (11-5, .471) Oakland Raiders (from Chicago Bears, 12-4, .430) Philadelphia Eagles (9-7, .518) Indianapolis Colts (10-6, .465) Oakland Raiders (from Dallas Cowboys, 10-6, .488) Los Angeles Chargers (12-4, .477) Seattle Seahawks (from Kansas City Chiefs, 12-4, .480) Green Bay Packers (from New Orleans Saints, 13-3, .482) Los Angeles Rams (13-3, .480) New England Patriots (11-5, .482)
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