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Found 13 results

  1. 90 year old Richard Donner says he is directing Lethal Weapon 5 Happy New Year I guess
  2. Normally I like to start a thread with a trailer but there hasn't been anything in like a week so I start with the movie giving Wicked a run for it's "At this point stop trying" money Uncharted has lost Travis Knight as director after just 3 months. The story is that Uncharted is being delayed again because Tom Holland is filming the next Spider-Man movie this summer which was supposed to be when Uncharted filmed. Since Sony wants to keep Holland on the film, it is being delayed from its 12/18/20 release date. And basically Knight decided he couldn't make the delay work in his s
  3. The quarter system for threads seemed to work last year so I will keep it... until I change my mind
  4. Well we all got nothing but time now so in the tradition of all the other polls it is BEST OF THE 2010S~! time (I want to call it the Aughts but that is confusing too) Anyway BALLOTS DUE: July 1, 2020 (clearly a tentative date) BALLOT LENGTH: Minimum Ballot Length: 50 Movies. Maximum Ballot Length: 100 (Ranked 1-100) BALLOTS EMAIL: DVDVRMAIL AT GMAIL DOT COM (In an ideal world you will submit your ballot 1-100 MOVIE TITLE, DIRECTOR, YEAR) ELIGIBLE MOVIES: Release date between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2019 per IMDB I know there will be some wackiness with t
  5. I have needed something to start this tread so I have will have to enrage JT and blur the Horror/Regular thread lines again Happy Death Day 2U This one isn't a first movie spoilery as the first trailer was
  6. Finally have something to start this with 4 part series on Amazon Prime about Lorena Bobbit Available Feb 15
  7. So for the people who have seen Tag - @Tabe and @ivpvideos were two recent ones I know - how long did you spend staring at Jeremy Renner's CGI arms?
  8. Eventually I will post a full quick and dirty of all the results but I have almost additional movies that received votes so that is going to take awhile. What I will do - is post random stuff as I go through the list over and over if anyone cares
  9. TODAY! will be the day I finally watch Mad Max.... maybe
  10. The obvious ones: Psycho Jaws The Godfather The Shawshank Redemption First three are decent but ultimately disposable pulp. King's novella is good, but I don't think it quite matches the film. (Maybe if it had been a full blown novel.) Also, I'd say Hannibal (TV show), Manhunter and Silence of the Lambs are far more sophisticated than most of Thomas Harris' writings, which are actually pretty ridiculous when you sit down and properly read them.
  11. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/07/power-rangers-movie-franchise_n_5279661.html From the sounds of things, it looks like we're getting a complete reboot. I'm not sure how I feel about this.
  12. We can't just be talking about Upcoming movies, can we? Watched Singin' in the Rain last night. Holy shit that's good stuff. Gene Kelly is unreal. I wonder how much Jackie Chan is inspired by him, because they're very similar.
  13. Because I love movies and lists! 2013 - American Winter - Harry Gantz/Joe Gantz2012 - Moonrise Kingdom - Wes Anderson2011 - Jane Eyre - Cary Fukunaga2010 - Winter's Bone - Debra Granik 2009 - Sin Nombre - Cary Fukunaga2008 - The Wrestler - Darren Aronofsky2007 - No Country for Old Men - Ethan Coen/Joel Coen2006 - Children of Men - Alfonso Cuaron2005 - Grizzly Man - Werner Herzog2004 - The Sea Inside - Alejandro Amenabar2003 - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring - Kim Ki-Duk2002 - The Man Without a Past - Aki Kaurismaki2001 - Mulholland Drive - David Lynch2000 - Memento - Christopher
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