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Found 15 results

  1. Sunday, December 3 NY Jets at New England Miami at Buffalo Baltimore at Cincinnati Pittsburgh at Cleveland Minnesota at Detroit Dallas at NY Giants Atlanta at Tampa Bay New Orleans at Carolina Green Bay at Chicago Jacksonville at Indianapolis Tennessee at Houston LA Chargers at Kansas City Las Vegas at Denver Arizona at LA Rams Seattle at San Francisco Washington at Philadelphia Tiebreaker #1: Winning margin in Ariz/LA Rams Tiebreaker #2: Kirk Cousins passing yards vs Det Tiebreaker #3: Total points in Dal/NY Giants Holy shit did I ever want to throw in a Chris Streveler tiebreaker for this week.
  2. Friday, December 25 Minnesota at New Orleans Saturday, December 26 Tampa Bay at Detroit San Francisco at Arizona Miami at Las Vegas Sunday, December 27 Cleveland at NY Jets NY Giants at Baltimore Cincinnati at Houston Chicago at Jacksonville Atlanta at Kansas City Indianapolis at Pittsburgh Denver at LA Chargers Carolina at Washington LA Rams at Seattle Philadelphia at Dallas Tennessee at Green Bay Monday, December 28 Buffalo at New England Tiebreaker #1: More passing yards, Rivers or Roethlisburger Tiebreaker #2: total points in Tenn/GB Tiebreaker #3: Matt Ryan passing yards vs KC
  3. Thursday, December 17 LA Chargers at Las Vegas Saturday, December 19 Buffalo at Denver Carolina at Green Bay Sunday, December 20 Houston at Indianapolis Detroit at Tennessee Tampa Bay at Atlanta Jacksonville at Baltimore New England at Miami Chicago at Minnesota Seattle at Washington San Francisco at Dallas NY Jets at LA Rams Philadelphia at Arizona Kansas City at New Orleans Cleveland at NY Giants Monday, December 21 Pittsburgh at Cincinnati Tiebreaker #1: Patrick Mahomes passing yards vs NO Tiebreaker #2: Winning margin in Jax/Bal Tiebreaker #3: Antonio Brown receiving yards vs Atlanta
  4. Thursday, December 10 New England at LA Rams Sunday, December 13 Houston at Chicago Tennessee at Jacksonville Denver at Carolina Dallas at Cincinnati Kansas City at Miami Arizona at NY Giants Minnesota at Tampa Bay NY Jets at Seattle Indianapolis at Las Vegas Green Bay at Detroit Atlanta at LA Chargers New Orleans at Philadelphia Washington at San Francisco Pittsburgh at Buffalo Monday, December 14 Baltimore at Cleveland Tiebreaker #1: Winning margin in Bal-Cle Tiebreaker #2: passes thrown by Ben Roethlisburger vs Buffalo Tiebreaker #3: Andy Dalton passing yards vs Cincinnati
  5. Sunday, December 6 Las Vegas at NY Jets New Orleans at Atlanta Detroit at Chicago Indianapolis at Houston Cleveland at Tennessee Cincinnati at Miami Jacksonville at Minnesota LA Rams at Arizona NY Giants at Seattle Philadelphia at Green Bay New England at LA Chargers Denver at Kansas City Monday, December 7 Washington at Pittsburgh Buffalo vs San Francisco (in Arizona) Tuesday, December 8 Dallas at Baltimore Tiebreaker #1: Josh Allen rushing yards vs SF Tiebreaker #2: winning margin in NYG/Sea Tiebreaker #3: interceptions thrown in Vegas/NYJ
  6. Thursday, November 19 Arizona at Seattle Sunday, November 22 Tennessee at Baltimore Detroit at Carolina Philadelphia at Cleveland New England at Houston Pittsburgh at Jacksonville Atlanta at New Orleans Cincinnati at Washington NY Jets at LA Chargers Miami at Denver Green Bay at Indianapolis Dallas at Minnesota Kansas City at Las Vegas Monday, November 23 LA Rams at Tampa Bay Tiebreaker #1: Patrick Mahomes passing yards vs Las Vegas Tiebreaker #2: total points in GB-Ind Tiebreaker #3: Derrick Henry rushing yards vs Baltimore
  7. Thursday, November 26 Houston at Detroit Washington at Dallas Baltimore at Pittsburgh Sunday, November 29 Miami at NY Jets Las Vegas at Atlanta LA Chargers at Buffalo NY Giants at Cincinnati Tennessee at Indianapolis Cleveland at Jacksonville Carolina at Minnesota Arizona at New England New Orleans at Denver San Francisco at LA Rams Kansas City at Tampa Bay Chicago at Green Bay Monday, November 30 Seattle at Philadelphia Tiebreaker #1: Russell Wilson passing yards at Phi Tiebreaker #2: total points in KC/TB Tiebreaker #3: total number of punts in NYG/Cin
  8. Thursday, October 29 Atlanta at Carolina Sunday, November 1 NY Jets at Kansas City Pittsburgh at Baltimore Indianapolis at Detroit Minnesota at Green Bay New England at Buffalo Tennessee at Cincinnati Las Vegas at Cleveland LA Rams at Miami LA Chargers at Denver New Orleans at Chicago San Francisco at Seattle Dallas at Philadelphia Monday, November 2 Tampa Bay at NY Giants Tiebreaker #1: Russell Wilson passing yards vs SF Tiebreaker #2: total points in NO-Chi Tiebreaker #3: longest field goal made in NE-Buf
  9. Thursday, October 22 NY Giants at Philadelphia Sunday, October 25 Buffalo at NY Jets Pittsburgh at Tennessee Detroit at Atlanta Cleveland at Cincinnati Carolina at New Orleans Dallas at Washington Green Bay at Houston Seattle at Arizona San Francisco at New England Kansas City at Denver Jacksonville at LA Chargers Tampa Bay at Las Vegas Monday, October 26 Chicago at LA Rams Tiebreaker #1: Total points scored in TB/LV Tiebreaker #2: Cam Newton passing yards vs SF Tiebreaker #3: Derrick Henry rushing yards vs Pit
  10. Sunday, October 18 Chicago at Carolina Cincinnati at Indianapolis Detroit at Jacksonville Atlanta at Minnesota Washington at NY Giants Baltimore at Philadelphia Cleveland at Pittsburgh Houston at Tennessee Denver at New England NY Jets at Miami Green Bay at Tampa Bay LA Rams at San Francisco Monday, October 19 Kansas City at Buffalo Arizona at Dallas Tiebreaker #1: More passing yards, Brady or Rodgers Tiebreaker #2: Winning margin in KC/Buf Tiebreaker #3: Total points in Cle/Pit
  11. Thursday, October 8 Tampa Bay at Chicago Sunday, October 11 Arizona at NY Jets Carolina at Atlanta Cincinnati at Baltimore Jacksonville at Houston Las Vegas at Kansas City Philadelphia at Pittsburgh Buffalo at Tennessee LA Rams at Washington Miami at San Francisco Denver at New England Indianapolis at Cleveland NY Giants at Dallas Minnesota at Seattle Monday. October 12 LA Chargers at New Orleans Tiebreaker #1: Philip Rivers passing yards vs CLE Tiebreaker #2: total points scored in NYG-Dallas Tiebreaker #3: Longest field goal kicked in Buf-Tenn
  12. First chance at a COVID-19 postponement this week... Thursday, October 1 Denver at NY Jets Sunday, October 4 Indianapolis at Chicago New Orleans at Detroit Arizona at Carolina Jacksonville at Cincinnati Cleveland at Dallas Minnesota at Houston Seattle at Miami LA Chargers at Tampa Bay Pittsburgh at Tennessee Baltimore at Washington NY Giants at LA Rams New England at Kansas City Buffalo at Las Vegas Philadelphia at San Francisco Monday, October 5 Atlanta at Green Bay Tiebreaker #1: total points in NE/KC Tiebreaker #2: Aaron Rodgers passing yards vs Atl Tiebreaker #3: Winning margin in Bal/Wsh
  13. Thursday, September 24 Miami at Jacksonville Sunday, September 27 Chicago at Atlanta LA Rams at Buffalo Washington at Cleveland Tennessee at Minnesota Las Vegas at New England San Francisco at NY Giants Cincinnati at Philadelphia Houston at Pittsburgh Carolina at LA Chargers NY Jets at Indianapolis Detroit at Arizona Tampa Bay at Denver Dallas at Seattle Green Bay at New Orleans Monday, September 28 Kansas City at Baltimore Tiebreaker #1: Winning margin in KC-Bal Tiebreaker #2: More passing yards, Dak Prescott or Russell Wilson Tiebreaker #3: Josh Allen rushing yards vs Rams
  14. Thursday, September 17 Cincinnati at Cleveland Sunday, September 20 Carolina at Tampa Bay Jacksonville at Tennessee NY Giants at Chicago Atlanta at Dallas Detroit at Green Bay Minnesota at Indianapolis Buffalo at Miami San Francisco at NY Jets LA Rams at Philadelphia Denver at Pittsburgh Washington at Arizona Baltimore at Houston Kansas City at LA Chargers New England at Seattle Monday, September 21 New Orleans at Las Vegas Tiebreaker #1: Cam Newton rushing yards vs Seattle Tiebreaker #2: Kansas City points scored Tiebreaker #3: Alvin Kamara rushing yards vs Las Vegas
  15. Back by lukewarm demand is the Highway to Ham! For any newbies, you pick straight up winners. Tiebreaker questions usually involve an important game or something that makes me laugh. Thursday, September 10 Houston at Kansas City Sunday, September 13 Seattle at Atlanta Cleveland at Baltimore NY Jets at Buffalo Las Vegas at Carolina Chicago at Detroit Indianapolis at Jacksonville Green Bay at Minnesota Miami at New England Philadelphia at Washington LA Chargers at Cincinnati Tampa Bay at New Orleans Arizona at San Francisco Dallas at LA Rams Monday, September 14 Pittsburgh at NY Giants Tennessee at Denver Tiebreaker #1: More passing yards, Brady or Brees Tiebreaker #2: NY Giants interceptions thrown + fumbles lost Tiebreaker #3: Dak Prescott passing yards
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