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  1. It's 2020 in most parts of the world (though not where I am), is Animal Crossing out yet? Oh, and Cyberpunk, I guess. In the meantime, I'm playing a lot of PBA Bowling and Football Manager and maybe Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair if I can sit down and focus and forget all the ways that it's not quite as good as any of the DKC games that it's emulating.
  2. Most of my comments from the Photo thread apply here too with some additional notes 1) 200 second long clips are not a GIF 2) Unless requested - there is no reason to post the full match that the GIF came from. (Especially when it is the WWE edited version) 3) Since I forgot to say it in the photo thread - some of you need to learn how to edit reply boxes
  3. The intention of these threads when they were initially started many moons ago was to post interesting/cool photos stolen from Reddit and maybe have some discussion around them as seen fit That isn't what they have been for far too long. Instead now it is a constant spamming of photos of people we find sexually attractive. (Not to mention the constant ignoring of my request to use spoiler tags for a variety of reasons.) So consider this your one month morning. If things continue as they have been, there won't be a February thread.
  4. I don't trust the board to lock and unlock threads properly at midnight so starting these now. Also, It would be really swell if some of you stopped posting via Speak N Spell
  5. What is the point of Arn turning on Dustin in 2020? What's the payoff? And why is it okay to make Cody look that stupid?
  6. Normally I like to start a thread with a trailer but there hasn't been anything in like a week so I start with the movie giving Wicked a run for it's "At this point stop trying" money Uncharted has lost Travis Knight as director after just 3 months. The story is that Uncharted is being delayed again because Tom Holland is filming the next Spider-Man movie this summer which was supposed to be when Uncharted filmed. Since Sony wants to keep Holland on the film, it is being delayed from its 12/18/20 release date. And basically Knight decided he couldn't make the delay work in his s
  7. Last year on Jan 1 - Powerbomb rebranded as IWTV This year
  8. As per usual I am going to be using the start of the new year to make some subtle tweaks to forums and start a bunch of new threads. I will be getting an early jump on some threads over the next 48 hours so no need to be all "It's Not the New Year Yet!" Please don't start any new yearly/monthly threads during this time.
  9. Apparently Black Monday starts on Saturday now. "You're fired but we need you to cover your shift tomorrow." Nice. For what it's worth, a spokesperson for Shad Khan is denying this.
  10. Liam

    EURO 2020

    San Marino currently 1-0 down against Scotland. Can the underdogs hold on for a famous victory?
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