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  1. This all time shit year for everyone is nearly over! Rejoice in that and stay safe DVDVR MB Family xxx.
  2. Incoming! Incoming! Still remember that call. Ditto for this.
  3. As it's the annual Hell in a Cell PPV... The Undertaker's best ever match. Shawn Michaels best ever match. Still the greatest Hell in a Cell match.
  4. Rejoice as we're in the last quarter of this terrible year. Stay safe DVDVR Family. This month sees the NJPW G1 Climax 30 carry on and the annual WWE Hell in a Cell event.
  5. Yup - definitely spaced July being the start of Q3. As I said in the last thread - time has no meaning Anyway - this was discussed a while ago but it turns out that The Crown will run 6 seasons after all The decision was made to do one more season with Olivia Coleman playing the Queen and then Imelda Staunton will be the Queen for the final season
  6. Never seen anyone bounce off a ladder like Finn Balor did at last year's Money in the Bank.
  7. I don't normally buy PPV events when released on DVD but I made an exception for Money in the Bank 2011. One of the best wrestling shows you'll see. I know some disagree but I find this to be THE John Cena vs. CM Punk match from the rivalry. Man, WWE botched their Summer of Punk. One of the most disappointing times I've had as a WWE fan. I still regard the Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder match all these years later as the #1 MITB Ladder match and we've had a lot of them.
  8. This month sees the eleventh Money in the Bank event promoted to it's own show in 2010. More importantly, I continue to wish my NDVDVR family well during the coronavirus pandemic xxx.
  9. Well it's WrestleMania weekend so let's start with some WrestleMania GIFS:
  10. WrestleMania weekend so... In my opinion, the three best matches in WrestleMania history are. 1. Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin at WrestleMania 13, 2. Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart from WrestleMania X and 3. The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, WrestleMania XXV.
  11. Well it's WrestleMania week but it doesn't feel like a WrestleMania due to what's happening in the world with the coronavirus crisis. Stay safe NDVDVR MB family xxx.
  12. Please keep all the WWE Business, Sales, Company is about to fold talk in the other thread I mean I know you won't since some of you love to cover NXT and Indies stuff in here when they are already in their own folders
  13. From the Observer daily update:
  14. Carrying on the Elimination Chamber theme: In spoilers for size:
  15. Hopefully we proved to RIPPA this can stay. Elimination Chamber month: Shawn Michaels Survivor Series 2002 infamous attire.
  16. This almost the same time we started last year's thread and since "big" announcements are starting to happen. Might as well start this up Will Ospreay has been announced for both Joey Janela's Spring Break and WrestleCon's SuperShow
  17. Back for a 2nd year - same rules as Halloween Havoc, Christmas Chaos, etc... Step 1: Say You Are In Step 2: Pick a movie using "Black History Month" as your guidance and send to me via private message (or DM on social media works too. I just need to know who you are) Step 3: Get assigned a movie Step 4: Review movie you are assigned Step 5: Send review to me (again either via PM or if you want to email it just let me know) Notes: If you want to be swell, pick a movie that is readily available to be watched (legally). Any of the popular streaming services or Youtub
  18. It is amazing what shitty booking and horrible people in charge will do to a fed
  19. I would have never imagined that at the start of 2020, Impact isn't the North American company on the shakiest footing.
  20. I was looking for a trailer to start this thread off and I don't think this ever came up Ragnarok Hits Jan 31
  21. The quarter system for threads seemed to work last year so I will keep it... until I change my mind
  22. The oh so not even close to complete list of 2020 releases (this is me randomly selecting things). The list I got this from was last updated in mid-Dec so I assume the dates are still correct Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Feb 11 Final Fantasy 7 Remake - March 3 Nioh 2 - March 13 Doom Eternal - March 20 Animal Crossing: New Horizons - March 20 Bleeding Edge - March 24 Persona 5 Royal - March 31 Resident Evil 3 Remake - April 3 Cyberpunk 2077 - April 16 Predator: Hunting Grounds - April 24 Marvel's Avengers - May 15 The
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