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  1. Yeah - I think moving to the monthly model is the best idea. Creating an ALL OUT thread in a second And yes I am a day earlier person who was going to make a comment who hasn't read any of the other announcements on the board
  2. I love this match. *****. Will we ever get the rematch?
  3. WWE SummerFest next week and NJPW's G1 Climax 29 comes to a climax. Jon Moxley vs. Toru Yano today.
  4. In release dates for non-Stranger Things shows that I think people watch (Stranger Things is July 4 FYI) Snowfall - July 10 Suits - July 17 Person - July 17 (if you are watching Suits you will probably give this a try) Orange is the New Black - July 26 Veronica Mars - July 26 (this is the Hulu reboot/continuation whatever you want to call it)
  5. God - half the year is gone. We are all gonna die
  6. Rainmaker. Taken from NJPW The New Beginning 2012 as Kazuchika Okada defeats Hiroshi Tanahashi for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. The two have amazing chemistry together. The dropkick is a big move in Kazuchika Okada's arsenal, rightly so for its aesthetics.
  7. We enter the second half of 2019. An eventful year so far with the formation of All Elite Wrestling and last week's news that Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff will have executive positions on WWE RAW and Smackdown Live.
  8. This is a good piece as WWE talks to Adam Riches who makes Johnny Gargano's TakeOver gear: https://www.wwe.com/article/adam-riches-johnny-gargano-takeover-gear?sf213643516=1
  9. A month out. Time is flying Known schedule Microsoft - Sunday, June 9, 4 PM EST, 1 PM PT Bethesda - Sunday, June 9, 8:30 PM EST, 5:30 PM PT Ubisoft - Monday, June 10, 4 PM EST, 1 PM PT Square Enix - Monday, June 10, 9 PM EST, 6 PM PT Nintendo - Tuesday, June 11, 11 AM EST, 9 AM PT EA and Sony have announced they are skipping this year
  10. TV Taping tonight I would figure the tag title situation would be resolved - especially since the WWE social media suddenly started promoting how War Raiders were undefeated in NXT yesterday
  11. One of the few shows I bought on DVD such was its quality.
  12. Eventful month with AEW Double or Nothing and WWE Money in the Bank, arguably the biggest B PPV. I remember the days of the big five WWE PPV's.
  13. Forgot it was April already Based on the WWE court document - these are the taping dates through at least October
  14. Trailers for shows that people may or may not watch The 100 (Season 6) Animal Kingdom (Season 4)
  15. If only there was a Godzilla thread for all that discussion from the last thread. Oh wait!
  16. Season has officially started (first of two in Japan between As and Mariners is in progress) Pitching is clearly behind hitting. There has already been a grand slam
  17. Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind from In Your House 10: Mind Games 1996. One of the greatest matches in WWE history.
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