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  1. So I figured I had to start the new thread when I saw this
  2. So I binged all the episodes I hadn't watched last night (like 4) and now am all caught up. I love Sexy Star, but wow those backstage bits with her are so bad. I know LU has a shoestring budget, but they can't afford a real spider? My favorite match in the Battle of the Bulls had to be Mariposa vs Killshot vs. Dante vs. Jeremiah. That match was great. When Mariposa busted out the Butterfly Effect on the chair she should have won it right there. I'm surprised that Jeremiah won it, but I guess his character has big things planned as seen by him apparently used to play at the temple when he
  3. So they have announced the Briscoes vs. Young Bucks 2 out of 3 Falls match for Honor Reigns Supreme
  4. I am starting the offseason thread now since news is already starting and probably will come hot and heavy by this evening Teams who need Head Coaches Rams Jaguars Bills Broncos (If reports are to be believed) Niners (if reports are to be believed) Other possibilities Bengals (Marvin Lewis may or may not be retiring) Chargers (That Browns loss isn't doing McCoy any favors) Jets (All reports say Bowles keeps his job) Browns (Jackson SHOULD keep his job but these are the Browns) Saints (more because of the constant rumor tha
  5. My sister has been obsessed with Hunter ever since it was first aired so she was super happy that she found reruns on some random channel. I get there for Christmas and walked her over to the shelf where all the Hunter DVDs were that I bought her years ago where. I honestly shouldn't bother buying my family gifts.
  6. Well I will pretty much be focused on the Greatest Movie of All Time poll for the next month or so. Join Me. Oh and we are taking my son to see Rogue One tomorrow for his birthday. There is a 50/50 chance that will be the only movie I see in the theater until Episode VIII comes out
  7. So it seems the upcoming taping schedule is as follows Thursday, Jan 5 (Full Sail) Saturday, Jan 28 (Takeover: San Antonio) Wednesday, Feb 1 (Full Sail)
  8. Umm... no. No they don't EDIT - direct link to a higher quality shot
  9. I watched Lana having to stop Rusev from buying a Lamborghini this morning on Snapchat so not the worst way to start the new year.
  10. I can't believe I had to start another thread for this fucking fed. Anyway - their marathon taping week begins on Thursday with a quasi-live Impact
  11. It seems that the things of note for January are Dragon Quest 8 (for the 3DS) Gravity Rush 2 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard I guess the first "big" release of the year is For Honor in Feb
  12. If you haven't noticed - I tried to write what the movie is under the trailer (if one is posted) as that way folks can find it if they are using the search feature For Example Going In Style
  13. It is close enough to Jan 1 in the UK anyway so I start this thread. This is for the non-WWE UK stuff. The new World of Sport has started. UK Wrestling Twitter immediately starts bitching. God save the Queen
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