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  1. Or the continuity of debuting a the same theme song in 3 different promotions during the summer.
  2. Bummer the CM Punk confirmed joke dies after today.
  3. When I checked the time stamps for the show starts, I thought "they'll at least do a day show on Saturday with Summerslam like they would for Mania on Sunday." Nope!
  4. I might skip Summerslam tomorrow because I'm in a Falcons market and they're playing the Dolphins, so I can judge what Tua is this year for a quarter.
  5. I can't remember the timing of the announcements, but I kind of feel for ROH this weekend having limited eyeballs because their shows are going H2H with SD/AEW and then Summerslam tomorrow night. I might reup HonorClub and watch both nights when I have time this week.
  6. I kind of think after Wednesday that we might get a gloating MJF promo just to hear the largest AEW crowd ever boo him out of the building to Punk's music hitting.
  7. We also would need metal AEW logo boards for the front row to pound in unison beat with the into to that song.
  8. Gamefly had a used copy of this for like $10 so I thought about snagging it.
  9. I'm snagging this today from Best Buy since it's $10. I didn't completely hate the little I played. I hope at some point this is a playable/enjoyable game.
  10. I could see this being a next year project before Summerslam. Bret/Perfect was one of my gateways into pro wrestling in 1995, so that match holds a special place for me. Some other ones that need consideration off the top of my head: Razor/Shawn in 95, Rock/HHH in 98, Austin/Angle in 01,
  11. I was surprised how much I enjoyed Kenny vs Christian. I've never been as high on Kenny as some have been, but that was just a really engaging way to watch wrestling at 9 PM on a Friday night. I have nothing to base this on, but it's a guess and what's been reported in the past before he got cleared for his WWE return. I could see Bryan Danielson first making an appearance in AAA tomorrow night before making an appearance in AEW to face off with Andrade after he beats Kenny tomorrow night. Wasn't there a rumor that Kenny is working through a shoulder injury? I wonder if the belt collector thing gets ended abruptly so he can take some time to get surgery.
  12. At this point, it's better to just use a base level play subscription to play it as opposed to buying it because I believe it's already in the vault.
  13. I have the Madden 22 EA Play trial installing while at work, and I also got a FIFA 22 Beta code last night. I'll hopefully share some thoughts later this weekend on both. Both will inevitably infuriate me at some point. It's an annual tradition.
  14. ....or loser just signed a new deal and isn't getting future endeavored like most of this brand in a month.
  15. Yeah, the CGI bit was more the stuff with the flowers, but once she grabs the javelin, you kind of have the side scrolling tracking shot as she gleefully runs through the room. Plus, I'm sure the her escaping bit has probably created quite a bit of fanfiction already. Robbie is one of those happy timing bits of casting where she has the perfect look for that character.
  16. I've been meaning to chase down that promo, but the heel heat that he and Owens got a couple of years ago was unbelievable. That crowd lost their minds.
  17. I watched this last night and enjoyed it (although, maybe not as much as others in this thread). Was the Harley escaping scene Gunn's attempt at doing his version of the Winter Soldier elevator scene or the hallway stuff from Daredevil with a little extra stylish (CGI'd) oomph.?
  18. West Virginia opting for the Big 12 will be one of those moves that gets quite the oral history about it in a couple of decades if they can't get back to the ACC or the B1G. That Big 12/Pac 12 partnership (if it happens) would do them ZERO favors.
  19. Cousins doesn't want to lose his "YOU LIKE THAT?!" energy!
  20. That escalated quickly. From, "we've worked out a new deal" to "there are some speed bumps but we're certain a deal will be done," to "well, actually..."
  21. Yeah, they telegraphed it perfectly for me, which I'm not one to do the WWE comparisons even though I'm about to do that, but it was refreshing to how WWE does beat down segments.
  22. Gamefly had a preowned copy for $17.99 A couple weeks ago, so not too far off.
  23. I'm a little surprised that Gane is a heavy favorite here. I know he's undefeated and has looked impressive lately. I'm guessing the oddsmakers are looking at it from the perspective of if he gets Lewis to the ground and can grind on him, then this is his fight to lose. I'm also just frustrated that this isn't just a contender main event and is for the interim, and it sounds like UFC mostly did this because they wanted the stakes as big as possible due to Lewis being a hometown kid.
  24. Yeah, I Gamefly'd Valhalla, and the controls are definitely frustrating especially when it comes to climbing stuff or getting on and off the boat. I'm up to the big encounter in the Prologue, and I'm not sure if I want to wrestle with it much more.
  25. In a group text I'm in, I pointed out that ActivisionBlizzard from a revenue standpoint will probably not take significant hits over this outside of sponsorship losses. Your average WarZone player is oblivious to this, and WoW has done a fair amount to alienate its core base for years now. Plus, it does sound like Overwatch was on the downturn and the issues with getting Overwatch 2 out have added to that issue.
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