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  1. I completely forgot about Glover ever being a video game. I'm more than positive I played it. I don't remember a second of it.
  2. You may want to look into a Gamefly account for a couple of months. EDIT: I remember seeing a trailer for that game on State of Play. I didn't realize it released. I don't think I've heard anyone talk about it. Double EDIT: I guess because google said February and it came out this week so *facepalm*.
  3. There's not a lot on this week's slate that jumps off the page at you (hey, remember when Florida/Tennessee was a big game?). Arkansas vs A&M should be a good test to see how much of a headache Arkansas is going to be for everyone in the West this year. I guess Oklahoma is going to be our weekly "upset alert" team until it happens (maybe this weekend).
  4. and I think two of those down those "wins as a starter" are because Fitzpatrick came in late to win the game (at least that week against the Raiders was one). I can't recall the other.
  5. Yeah, the O-Line was pretty atrocious for sure. Poor Jacoby was running for his life, and some of those 4th down attempts were just yeesh. I think it's just more the fact that he has trouble staying on the field between Bama and now here.
  6. I think I'm over the Tua experiment at this point. Mediocre passer and can't stay on the field. Bummer Phins skipped over Herbert.
  7. This discussion made me google what Pudge Rodriguez's high was and Javy Lopez. Pudge was only 35. Javy hit 43 in 03, and there was always a joke about Javy, contract years, and possibly substances.
  8. Apparently Will Fuller will not be active vs Buffalo. Flores says he's dealing with a "personal issue."
  9. The funniest thing you're going to read all day is Gus Malzahn pretending that USC would be interested in him as coach. He's already declined his own interest. SMH.
  10. I just hope Troy comes out stronger than this. It's the only Fun Belt team I care about being that I'm an alumni.
  11. ESPN let Adnan go a couple of years ago to prove a point about baseball leaks. A lot of people came to Adnan's defense when it happened at the time.
  12. Then he would have occupied Ethan Hawke's corner, and there's too much good Ethan Hawke for that to happen.
  13. Speaking of Crowe, I'm sure there's something from the Elizabethtown soundtrack that fits this mold. The soundtrack has a lot of great tunes.
  14. I don't see it being Sark or Kiffin to USC. It just seems like an uncomfortable retread for all parties involved. Kiffin has proven he's a better coach now than his last stint there. Also, I don't think we can judge anything on Year 1 of Sark in Austin. It's going to take at least two full recruiting classes to get him where he wants to be. It'll be ugly if either of those two recruiting classes fall out of the top ten nationally (and probably need to be top 5).
  15. Yeah, still feels like a high concentrated number of breakthrough cases, which is why I highlighted it.
  16. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32207953/handful-new-orleans-saints-offensive-coaches-test-positive-covid-19-sources-say Saints head coach Sean Payton said during the summer that the team's coaching and personnel staffs were 100% vaccinated.
  17. He'll be an analyst on Saban's staff within a month.
  18. I thought what I saw of Orton vs Lashley was really good. I really expected to end the Big E piece of this disappointed because this company has me at a high distrust of them to do the right thing. With how this lines up close to Crown Jewel, I'm a little hesitant to believe this will be long term as much as it will be a fun moment for one night. Still, I can't think of a more deserving dude on the roster for this title. Now, let's see what we can do about getting Cesaro the same.
  19. Chaos

    NFL 2021 - WEEK 1

    Stafford is pinching himself in this offense.
  20. Chaos

    NFL 2021 - WEEK 1

    Cam Newton, person I will be forever indebted to for my favorite moment of sports fandom (A Natty), will probably never play in the NFL again after this. Just Yikes! https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2021/9/10/22666622/cam-newton-cut-patriots-interview
  21. I've yet to watch Corman, and I'm a big fan of JGL generally. The early reviews weren't great though.
  22. In a fun and dumb marketing ploy, Wario has taken over NintendoAmerica's Twitter.
  23. You have to worry about the ability to recruit in the new BIG 12 anyways. Oklahoma and Texas will either be SEC bound next season or the following season. I've never understood that move for them to that conference.
  24. I legit don't remember this thread or if I participated, so I'm looking forward to scrolling through it.
  25. I don't get why any Spider-Man mythos is so quick to go to Venom. I'm probably the least fan serviced person from that.
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