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  1. a half million bells for extra storage is bogus, IMO. I just found the recipe for the cutting board on the beach!
  2. It's somewhat melancholy when KK Slider shows up after I've completed collecting his songs. It's not you, KK, it's me.
  3. I don't know your grandmother, but you can't deny this song is a banger...
  4. But how was the virus dressed?
  5. At times Brady looked like he had the early 90s Raiders o-line. I kept waiting for Jay Schroeder to show up.
  6. I don't even remember the last time Brady looked as helpless as against the Saints tonight. Any chance we see Gabbert take over?
  7. What's fair here? Follow the NFL's lead and dock them a draft pic and a half million dollars? Long suspension for Turner? Take the Series win away? To me the draft pick and cash option is the best.
  8. Didn't the PS3 use Bluetooth headsets? Could swear I had a earpiece that was Bluetooth.
  9. I've only used the dream function a couple of times since it was implemented, but an ad for Cracker Barrel came across my Instagram feed and it featured their dream island so I had to check it out. It was, of course, charming. I did not find any biscuits, but I did meet Biskit.
  10. I fell asleep around 11ish last night, so I'm not sure if I missed anything or not. Did get numerous pumpkins, a couple spooky place settings, and dupe of Jack's face. Was given quite a few recipes and Jack gave me the carriage.
  11. If Turner really had a test come back non-conclusive the day before the game, why was he allowed to play? And why weren't they using rapid testing? This is such a weird story.
  12. The Dodgers win in 6! First World Series Championship in 32 years. I know this year will have a Big asterisk* next to it, but I don't care. The Ray's put up one hell of a fight and are a great team.
  13. ä = Alt + 0228 ö = Alt + 0246 ü = Alt + 0252 Ä = Alt + 0196 Ö = Alt + 0214 Ü = Alt + 0220
  14. Fire In The Sky has it's brief moments, but NPS pretty much mirrors my own relationship with the movie. I did enjoy when Art Bell had Travis Walton on though.
  15. Don't forget the bladejob. It's why I've carried a blade on my keychain for the past 30 years. Honestly, Jones tackling himself on that play was one of the most relatable things I've ever seen in football.
  16. I just hope that I can own the Reno 911 stuff they produced.
  17. What an amazing comeback by the Dodgers. I'm hopeful they can get their injuries healed 'cause the Rays aren't going to roll over without a fight. I was really hoping the Asstros would get in for some sweet revenge, but they didn't have the jam. Go Blue!
  18. I started this one also. Haven't gotten past the first couple tutorial missions but it seems alright. Having issues with my Dualshock 4 that I need to fix before I get too involved in gaming any more with the PS4. Shot a video on my Nintendo Pro Controller drift issues and fix. Will probably do the same for the Dualshock 4.
  19. I've never stuck around long enough to get that many. Just got luck last night.
  20. I got 20 star fragments, 5 large star fragments, and 5 libra fragments. Still have yet to make anything with star fragments, though. Last week Midge told me she was thinking of moving on and I told her to follow her heart. Midge was probably my 4th or fifth neighbor and I actually liked her. I took to long to find a replacement and today I spotted that Tom Nook is moving Becky in to take Midge's spot. Guess I'll meet her tomorrow. Just ran into Wisp and got a zig-zag dress for my trouble.
  21. I might pick this up if it hits $20. So glad I didn't give in on release day.
  22. Thanks for the stuff. Had a personal record catching them, final tally tomorrow.
  23. Celeste just informed me I have shooting stars tonight. Gate is open if anyone wants to hang. Also, Saharsh is here.
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