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  1. FWIW I support Biles pulling herself from the events if she felt she was not up to it and was just gonna drag the team down, that's the right move and surely wasn't easy. That said... high level sports are as much mental as physical so while I don't think it is right to attack her this is a clear, definitive, fair L that she has to take. If you walk around all year with your gear saying you are the greatest of all time and then mentally falter in the championship you don't get the benefit of excuses, all those other wins and historic things happened and were glorious and don't suddenly disappear but in this one setting on this one day she... she failed, she's human, she lost. It sucks and I hope she kicks ass in the individual events.
  2. I don't like saying this as he has been gone for half a year but like... Lee hasn't looked good in ring these past two weeks. I think Kross looked like the better wrestler tonight which is not something I say frequently.
  3. I thought the main was close but Sandhagen fought with such low fight IQ for the first half of the fight he has no one to blame by himself. When he just fought straight he was picking him apart and every time he went for a spinning thing or jumping knee he got taken down or put into a poor position and literally gave away two rounds doing that.
  4. I just hope that AEW has their concussion shit sorted out by now as they've been just awful with anything related to that or someone getting knocked out mid-match and... I don't want to say it didn't matter as much before but if Bryan does come in it can go from dream to nightmare in a flash if they don't have that nailed down by now.
  5. FWIW I can kinda follow the logic of the Keith Lee deal, and can also see exactly where it fell apart. If you replace Bobby Lashley putting up an open challenge with John Cena's weekly US title open challenge then having a guy who has been away for 6 months returning in his home state on the first Raw with fans back to put in a legit challenge even in defeat... I can see that making sense and having a good chance of working. The problem is that Lashley is not the same kind of champion and after the match the night before shouldn't be giving up much of anything, so you end up with a match where he maybe gave up more than he should while also not giving up nearly enough for it to really benefit Lee. I don't see spite, I see the error in overlooking the context surrounding the situation. I got nothing for the Kross thing, although I will say that if they just switched Jeff and Lee's spots it might have all actually worked out somehow.
  6. Given Cesaro's history he should really work on how he dives into the corners.
  7. I don't think there is a chance of AEW climbing ahead of WWE, but perhaps WWE could fall below them if the quality remains iffy and they catch a few bad breaks? I just don't know that AEW has many more people to convert and their numbers seems to have rather solidified around 700-800k, peaking to over a million for a big hyped event. I just always think back to when WCW (and a lesser extent ECW) went out of business and people predicted WWE's ratings going further through the roof due to all those fans who then had no choice but to watch WWE. There was a small bump I believe but most of those fans just stopped watching wrestling on tv. If WWE exploded and just disappeared this year, I think for the most part the same thing would happen.
  8. I mean, if her next destination is AEW and keeping her husband happy is something they place a premium on then I say go for it.
  9. I think it is just dew drop spelled in a more easily trademarked way.
  10. Nikki looking at where she is on the card and deciding to make a play for some Hurricane-esque merch money is probably a smart play all things considered. Doudrop hating her name is a pretty solid little payoff IMO.
  11. I mean... a lot of people have OD'd, become drug addicted and otherwise ruined their lives in part because of their entertainment/showbiz career. I'd say wrestling in general has been worse about it but like there's a reason the term "27 Club" exists.
  12. I could see AOP not working out in several companies, I wouldn't put that one on WWE.
  13. Tommy End met his wife working there and probably made the best money of his life, while I'm sure he has some dissatisfaction with how things went there in the last year or so it's not crazy to believe that he actually has okay feelings about his time there.
  14. I think Shayna was one of the wrestlers most hurt by the timing of the covid pandemic. I believe the week before everything shut down she had a longish match on Raw with Kairi Sane that the crowd was not all that into and if I'm honest wasn't all that great. I think in a typical situation that could have just been a roadbump but that was literally the last time she wrestled in front of a crowd until this past Mania hence that's the last bit of crowd feedback (or in this case lack there of) she really got and they never seemed to commit to her afterwards. TBF as well her working out on the main roster was never gonna be a slam dunk, a not particularly charismatic (mostly) technician always has a chance of not being embraced by the crowd in many wrestling feds but especially main roster WWE.
  15. I feel for Naomi but I also think that most sports would in the long run be worse off if the press was not given access to the athletes and they instead communicated mostly through press releases and hand-picked interviews. I think things may have worked out for the best as I had this odd feeling that if she is bringing this up now it might mean she's not personally in the best place right now, and if true then as much as it sucks it might be best if she's not subjected to the pressure of a major in that case. Definitely a tricky situation though and I don't see an easy "they're right/wrong" or fix there.
  16. Pfft, Raw still kept that many viewers against the NBA playoffs on Monday and AEW somehow didn't draw a single one against said playoffs on Wednesday... >_>
  17. Random question but was one of the cameras on this show kinda... odd for anyone else? I don't mean the camera cuts (I'm numb to those by now) but like the framerate was less or just different as I was legit starting to feel nauseous watching and had to switch to a SD version of it to deal with it. When I switched back later it was fine, so I don't know if it was just my tv/cable company/myself being funky or if something was actually up with the broadcast.
  18. The problem is that 90+% of 30+ minute matches are at least 5 minutes too long, and 90+% of 40+ minute matches are at least 10 minutes too long, and that basically covers every big NJPW match now. Every so often one will make good use of that time but generally they are now all lesser versions of what we could be getting. Shingo/Ospreay probably would have had at worst as good a match at 25 minutes. Add in that most of these matchups aren't exactly fresh and even if the work is solid it's a lot to have to work against. That's not even getting into the issue with the current state of the crowds, which the smarter groups are working shorter matches in front of as it is harder to keep the energy up that long because of it.
  19. I feel like everyone remembers this whole stretch different than I do. The festival of friendship was great as was the list shtick... but Owens's title reign was bad and Jericho was involved in much of it. It was basically a less severe version of "Kurt and Austin are funny together but this isn't a good idea when they are the top two heels" and while I don't think I needed Goldberg to hold the belt at that time him winning it off of Owens was basically a mercy killing. Then again Goldberg's match at Mania was better than theirs (which wasn't anything more than fine, them in a top spot would have likely underwhelmed) so perhaps he did need to hold the belt.
  20. I only interacted with John a few times, mainly when I'd randomly mention I was reading a book recommended to me by an author I never heard of that he'd reveal was actually a genre titan (after one of these he posted in one of the "what are you reading threads" asking how people who weren't already into books, or at least genre fiction, were managing to find out what's worth looking into). Anyways I think the last time this happened was when I wrote I was reading and enjoying "A Voyage to Arcturus", he praised the hell out of the writer and recommended picking up a copy of "Devil's Tor" which he felt was the writer's masterpiece. I thanked him for the rec but said something along the lines of at the rate I read stuff I probably wouldn't get to it for several years. I started reading it today as it felt like the right time. RIP John.
  21. If I recall correctly I believe the story was that New Japan lost interest in Riddle once they learned of his fairly open marijuana use, so I think even if WWE had zero interest in him that door was likely closed to him.
  22. It very much looked like he hurt his shoulder, but it is hard to tell if he just grinded his way through an injury or decided to play it up since he visibly jammed it hard and reacted on that powerslam spot.
  23. Yeah I think the argument that Joe was mailing it in at any point in his WWE/NXT run kinda nuts. I saw people feel that a number of his matches in his last year or two as an active competitor underwhelmed compared to expectations, but I think that was more a result of being a larger wrestler who wrestled a physical style most of his career being 40 years old and no longer having much of his previously impressive speed rather than him not caring.
  24. I mean if we are really honest with ourselves no one watching Dynamite will buy that as a significant win, I'm not sure most of their tv audience has seen Jack win a match. AEW is really bad about things like, that where Red Velvet was at one point the #2 ranked woman in the company while having lost every single televised match she ever had (I think that is still true FWIW). Even when the audience was less "smart"/plugged in that wouldn't really work, nowadays even less so. Using the hours to try and scam a streaming service exec is the best argument for it I've ever heard BTW.
  25. I think it is fair for people to hold the seemingly incompatible thoughts that "people losing their jobs is bad and I feel bad for them" and "a certain degree of roster turnover is needed every so often for the benefit of both the company and its fans". Unless someone appears to be a legit scumbag or a truly dreadful worker I generally feel sad for them when they lose what was likely their dream job in WWE or whatever other wrestling promotion, but there has been several times over the years I've watched shows and went "they desperately need fresh faces" which eventually either requires people to go away or for the show to be longer and longer. I guess they could just leave people in catering but people seem to dislike that as well. Of course if I ran AEW I wouldn't be running 30 Dark matches a week and hence would likely end up costing dozens of people work, so there is a non-zero chance I am just a monster...
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