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  1. And considering that Andre had the atomic weight of a black hole.
  2. Sounds like your mind is telling you to buy NHL 15 instead. Oh sweet Jesus no...DO NOT BUY THAT GAME! The new NHL is a larger step backwards than WWE 2K15.
  3. And his shitty third rate Ramones cover band can suck it too.
  4. It's because KENTA is an anagram for Taken. Someone kidnapped Marufuji and they were being told about Itami's very special set of skills. "I will find you and I will make you Go2Sleep."
  5. If you buy a Westinghouse, make Damn sure you buy speakers or a sound bar with it. Great looking tv's, but it had the most unbearably awful sound I've ever heard. And I say that as someone who is absolutely not an audio snob.
  6. I got the SO bundle...I played it for a while and after about two hours it just kinda felt like "so this is going to be the entire game huh?" Just grinding on rails and shooting monsters. Maybe I'm missing something but it didn't look that interesting when I was going in and my opinion wasn't really changed.
  7. It's just amazing to me that a game I despised is considered great by someone else. I don't mean that as an attack on you Fresh, but again I just find it funny how different opinions can be.
  8. The Road Warriors wish you a Happy Hanukkah!
  9. A friend of mine works at Wal-Mart and says they're doing the AC Xbone bundle with a free game of your choice for 380...
  10. Re: The Nastys: they had some fun falls count anywhere brawl type matches but unfortunately they had a lot more regular matches that were awful. Not to mention that I wanted to see Saggs get his teeth knocked out for being so ridiculously unsafe in those brawls.
  11. Thank god I'm not the only one who didn't get aboard the Nasty Boys and Beefcake train that rolled through here some time ago...
  12. I figured they had Paige declare she was single on Twitter to get him to come back...... They're hedging their bets because that might get Punk back as well.
  13. Goddamn those old pictures of Vampiro just make him look like the most punchable wrestler ever.
  14. Davey? Davey Richards is that you?
  15. That picture seems like 10 seconds later things started getting really fetishy.
  16. Then there's what PWG call the worst finish in the company's history...TJ Perkins getting disqualified for being on the top rope too long.
  17. But Bob was friends with the paragon of virtue that is Vampiro!...Yeah he was annoying though, no matter how amusing his Feinstein baiting was at first.
  18. Was that comment supposed to post in like 1995? The roster is amazing nowadays.
  19. I had...mixed feelings about Max Payne 3. Me and my friend played through it together because we loved the first 2. Unfortunately, time has kinda passed the gameplay by. Not to mention that the story is...Just basically that Max is the world's worst bodyguard.
  20. Wait your dad's band opened for BTO? THAT'S AWESOME! You let him tell you about that as many times as he needs to you ungrateful little bastard!
  21. God Enzo needs to never make it out of NXT...Just a living douchechill.
  22. Johnny The Bull. On his first match back from shattering his tailbone doing a springboard leg drop to the floor on Terry Funk.
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