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  1. So some time back I stumbled across a whole scene I was unaware of...mid 90s melodic black metal. Think Dissection, where it's all cold and brutal but it has awesome harmonies and stuff. Some albums I'd like to recommend if anyone is interested...

    Sacramentum- Far Away From The Sun

    Vinterland- Welcome My Last Chapter

    Dawn- Slaughtersun

    Decameron- My Shadow

    Eucharist- A Velvet Creation

    Unanimated- Ancient God Of Evil

    Gates of Ishtar- Dawn Of Flames

    Mork Gryning- Tusen Ar Har Gatt

    Midvinter- At The Sight Of The Apocalypse Dragon

    Gehenna- Seen Through The Veils Of Darkness

  2. I've been watching CZW's Best Of The Best '15 out of morbid curiosity. A quick rundown of what I've watched so far...


      First match is Caleb Konley vs. Aaron William vs. Tommy End. I've seen Konley, heard good things about End, and know nothing about Williams. Upon seeing him, I dig the hell out of End's look. He looks like a guy I could talk about At The Gates with. End does a lot of strikes,and seems to be a pretty big dude by indy standards. Not sure if he's right for the tournament but he's good. Konley goes out first which is baffling. Williams' offense is horrible. He tries to do some kick sequence that has no speed or force behind it at all. It doesn't look good, especially wiith End doing Chris Hero level striking. End wins, which the crowd enjoys.


      Second match is Tracy Williams v. Jon Gresham vs. Trevor Lee. I love Trevor. He's part of the reason I braved this tournament. Tracy Williams is another dude I've never even heard of. He seems to be like a more vanilla Drew Gulak. I've seen Gresham a few times before, He's now apparently an octopus. It's an odd gimmick but whatever...I enjoyed this match a good bit more, but we hit a pretty big pothole in my future enjoyment of this show when Trevor is eliminated and Gresham advances. What the absolute fuck? Crowd doesn't agree with Lee being out either.


    Before we get to Joey Janela vs. CJ Parker vs. Joe Gacy, David Starr comes out and gets super cheap heat with a promo on Tim Donst who is seconding Gacy. It just goes on forever and never goes anywhere, Donst lays him out and it barely gets a pop. I've heard Gacy has gotten good...And it appears I've heard wrong. He tries to wrestle like a cruiser but he's not athletic or fast enough for it to look good. He also does one of the stupidest moves I've ever seen, a Tajiri style handspring into a Stunner. Starr costs Gacy the match, and aside from Gacy trying CJP and Janela don't do anything at all memorable. Parker wins, moving along.


      We have our last first round match, Buxx Belmar vs. Mike Bailey vs. Andrew Everett. I'm a fan of Everett, and I like Bailey from what I saw of him in a music video setting. First off, Everett and Bailey both come out to Beastie Boys songs which bugs me for some reason. Belmar is fucking gross, which is his gimmick but he's just super unappealing to watch. He licks the bottom of Everett's boot and puts Bailey's bare foot in his mouth. You would have to be goddamn amazing to get me to overlook that stuff, and he isn't. Seeing a full match from Bailey, he reminds me of Red. Since this isn't 2001 that isn't a compliment. Everett eliminates Belmar and is immediately taken out by Mike Bailey. Our four guys going to the second round are Tommy End, Jon Gresham, CJ Parker, and Mike Bailey. I'm not hyped. The only combination of those guys that seems watchable is Gresham vs. End, so hopefully that happens. CZW is never afraid to remind me why I only try to check their shows out every 2 years or so.

  3. He should wear the suit next time he's on Raw. You know, he's there with Heyman, Roman comes out and they're doing the dueling promo thing until Reigns crosses the line then Paul proclaims "that's it! Get em Knuckles!"

    And of course he replies Daaah OK boss!


    "So Dana, do yas come quietly or do we has ta muss ya up?"

    Bless you sir.

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  4. Rap music and Wrestling have so many parallels and seem like a perfect match but when you try to mix them they don't mix.

    I see your comment and raise you New Jack.

    And I remind you of the Urban Wrestling Federation and end this conversation.

    They had an angle where their champion was fatally shot. That's what you end up with.

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