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  1. It's obvious what WWE is doing... They're trying to ruin PWG commentary.
  2. Someone needs to dig up the ones with Mandy Leon.
  3. I don't know man, in "Parents Just Don't Understand" he stole a car and picked up a 12 year old girl.
  4. I'm sorry if you can't understand the gulf between defending someone against a pedophilia rumor and wanting to divulge someone's personal business. If you want to know that bad, ask one of them. Otherwise I'm not going to make an enemy out of either one of those guys.
  5. At PAX they announced a new game called Hard West, described as XCOM with a wild west setting. So we're all buying that, right?
  6. The version of the Dan Maff story posted is wrong. Nothing to do with anyone underage, just someone close to Homicide. There's more to it than that but it's not my story to tell.
  7. "New studies show Abyss and Eric Young unable to read writing on wall"
  8. You're really depending on him being able to kick out of the Nervous Breakdown...
  9. "Why is there a turnip in a wig talking bad about me?"
  10. If we do the Terry and Apollo team can we call them 2 Live Crews?
  11. Has MK McKenna ever had a good match in his life? Because I've seen him be embarrassingly terrible in like 3 different American companies but he keeps getting flown in for some reason. Trent 7 is kinda bad too but MK is super glaring...
  12. Being familiar with Ospreay, I'd say turning him heel is the stupider part. He has that Sami Zayn type of face charisma.
  13. I don't think I've seen any which doesn't say good things...usually by tours time of year they've at least rolled out a few videos or pictures of some roster guys.
  14. Which one had the bad Barry Windham hair? Because I hate that one now. I'm a step closer to being able to tell them apart at least.
  15. I thought Mayweather wouldn't be in video games because he doesn't want to be depicted as being beatable. Seriously.
  16. The rumor I'm seeing thrown about is Liger vs Breeze...
  17. Lord those Superstars taping marathons look brutal...God bless you guys. My first show was an MSG house show, 4/24/99 I think. This was during full blown Russo era, so it had weird matches like Mankind and Ken Shamrock vs Undertaker and Mideon. Nothing was you know...good. But I still had fun of course.
  18. For those who are worried, ADR has been found. Alive and everything. But yeah that was looking dark for a while there...
  19. Black Tower is a bunch of members of a punk band called Crusades. They've always had this weird kinda black metal ish aesthetic even though it's totally not even close to their style.
  20. I assume he re-injured himself exiting the ring and will see you in 2018?
  21. I just want Dolph doing twin magic spots with Kenny Omega.
  22. Holy shit the Hero is fat jokes are beyond dead at this point. Like Stan Hansen was a Goddamn Adonis. I saw Hero wrestle Trevor Lee last weekend and it was awesome, dudes cardio is still great.
  23. That Andre picture looks like Tyrion and Mountain: Origins.
  24. AAAAAAAAH MY EYES! For the love of god, no one click that spoiler box!
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