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  1. You know on the subject of Evolve...I went to the Queens show a few weeks back and holy shit you guys, Peter Kaasa. He's a little short but he's built like Conan the Destroyer and he's probably the best flyer I've seen since PAC. And on top of that he has an amateur and MMA background so he can actually do that wrestling thing too. I implore you to check him out.

  2. I feel like someone at NXT needs to just lay Vince out. Even if it was just them sucker punching a senior citizen, in Vince's mind it'd make them the baddest motherfucker in the galaxy.

    "That guy was tough enough to kick my ass. I want this Enzo Amore guy headlining Wrestlemania next year gah dammit!"

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  3. You know, I saw that statement earlier and read it very quickly and thought it said they WILL be available as DLC so I was confused. Kinda sucks, but there will be 1000 versions of each of them on the custom servers so it's not that big a deal.

  4. BneTakSCEAAYA-a.jpg

    It's gonna be great when the do the Wyatt retrospective DVD and they pull out all the Rosebud footage of Billy Bob

    I really wouldn't mind if Becky wrestled in that outfit. My face would probably look like Brick Slowman's face in this pic if she did. Is that Tully's daughter beside Becky? I don't know who's creeping me out more the Chris Hero looking dude with pigtails or Gotch.

    Are you calling Blue Pants Becky?

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