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  1. Xbl: Travisty IKMF PSn: mercyknife (Never Really Use It Though)
  2. Doesn't it say something bad about the company itself if every 3 months another group of guys who used to work there show up promising to destroy it?
  3. Is This The First Game Without Rey In Several Years?
  4. Mco- Is Myzery On The Green Mountain Tape? I Wrestled Him Years Ago, I Thought He Was Pretty Good...
  5. So watching that Blackjacks vs. Ace/Kobashi match...Man in a different reality, Bradshaw could have totally been a top gaijin there. The crowd really reacted to his stuff and he looked pretty comfortable being Stan Hansen Jr. there. Oh what could have been....
  6. Um...Is The DJ For The X The Christopher Daniels I'm Thinking Of?
  7. I throughly enjoyed Dixie/Azrieal v. Izzy/Deranged from Manhattan Mayhem. That whole show is probably one of the best they ever put on top to bottom...The "unsanctioned brawl" between Homicide/Ki and Lethal/Joe was a frggin spectacle with an insane finish.
  8. Aside from them, Nash, Sid, Undertaker, (arguably) Jeff Jarrett, possibly Jericho...
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