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  1. A thought I had during stream yesterday: we should be farming planetary materials this week. There really is nothing else to do right now since milestones are so easy to complete, and it looks like we will be needing them for upgrades now.
  2. How pissed off would you be if (possible spoiler ahead) </end conspiracy theory> I'm gonna play this for the next week, I'm still unsure if I'm gonna get forsaken though. I got scatterhorn boots on my hunter, scout and pulse rifle armor something, idk. Pissed over the orpheus rig nerf. Bungie has always been like "fuck hunters, we didn't design this shit to be fun, it's a money trap you fuck"...
  3. Game as it sits now on my XB1 is 49.9 GB...
  4. That was not a waste of time. It was pretty cool actually. Dude, you walked THROUGH 3 moving pillars on the edge of the chasm. Straight phase shifted or whatever like Barry Allen going through a wall...except the wall was moving and meant to push you off a ledge. Phil completed no-sold the game physics, and to be honest, I'm a little hot about it. I look at those things funny and I'm falling. As far as the whisper goes, I started goofing off earlier that day and had helped 5 people get whispers. Other whisper streamers were running stacked with a buddy that had done it 50 times with
  5. I may be able to help with that depending on time Monday morning. It's my woman's b-day, so I'm sure she will sleep in, then after that who knows... I will try to be on.
  6. Idk if I need a new headset or controller...geez that static is rough, sorry guys. I dont hear that on my end
  7. They told me to run gg, nighthawk, and whisper...the numbers pouring of that vex mf were ridiculous
  8. Damnit, Rippa beat me to it... That's what I get for taking the time out for some good natured ball-busting
  9. I like running swords, and I run THAT sword over the beloved wl0. I got the catalyst for wl0 while running it started back. Also, Sins of the Past is allegedly one of the best Rocket Launchers in the game. I know that in saying these things you will undoubtedly shard ISB the very next opportunity that presents itself because I am both a fool and a liar apparently lol Spoilers from gamescom: "cayde's last stand" I finally ran EoW with an old Call Of Duty buddy, Weav, last night....Weav raids...a lot. Like I did in d2. His crew has that shit down.
  10. Also, according to replies on Twitter, the community is taking this news well and is happy with this turn of events. < /end sarcasm >
  11. Dmg works for bungie as a community manager...
  12. Triple valor is live https://www.bungie.net/en/Help/Article/47103
  13. I wasnt paying attention, it was an adult, so I thought they were competent enough to know.
  14. I got burned out after wasting 3 hrs trying to help someone grind armor, and they didn't even have the shit equipped....I'm taking a few days so I dont smash my xbox
  15. Check out @themaskt1’s Tweet: Look closely. Graviton is equipped in energy weapon slot, void raid sword in power weapon slot, on Nessus doing the vex PE in....the Hallows, maybe? Run whatever, rng is rng, I'd imagine its multi kills with a sword that unlocks it. I was working on void weapon kills. Used the sword to kill a lot of shit quickly and the raid sword gives back ammo on successive swings. Luck? Probably. Rng. I dont think it matters if you use the zero, as I doubt I've gotten more than 10 kills with mine (which is sitting in the vault) or where (I was on nessus) .
  16. I can try to help...it seems this comes and goes with Xur. I did the chest run last night after I got the catalyst (I plan on making a short chest run video today since I've done everything else and I'm out of town until tomorrow), but didn't do oracles for the ship schematic. I will do that next weekend I suppose. I didn't even do the second heroic run through to get more blighted essence for the catalyst, I was just too damn tired. But I know the way now. I may just help people get it next weekend, since there seems to be a need for it in the community.
  17. Here is a playthrough of the leviathan raid
  18. Changed my xbl gt, I dont think I can change the name of my YouTube channel...eh, i will figure it out
  19. @RIPPA http://shop.deathvalleydriver.com Or maybe a prowrestlingtees.com/dvdvr ?
  20. Got some content yesterday, ran the strike for legend of acrius shotgun solo, and ran the raid twice to brush up on mechanics. I captured the strike and the first raid, just need to heavily edit the strike. Raid just took an hour 10 minutes, but was pretty sloppy. I'm out of practice. I got a decent amount of masterwork stuff from the raid, including the raid sword (I'm really looking forward to murdering things with it), I just need to decide which elemental mod I want to put on it
  21. The download is 4.29 GB and I think the game itself is $20 on xbox live right now with the summer sale going on.
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