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  1. I would presume that he had recently undergone some Chinese cupping therapy. It's somewhat controversial as some believe the process helps heal through mobilizing blood flow and others feel that it's just a load of BS. In related news...
  2. So we have the Emerald Frosion, Flowsion, Erosion. Which is the original & what does it even mean?! How about every Moonsault to the floor being tagged an Asai?
  3. As far as I'm concerned, this list begins and ends w/ JIVE SOUL BRO.To me, the theme that DOOM used never got enough love. Early 90's = Saxophones.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0KN-HZh0RU
  4. What's the thought on this? Personally I've always associated "Sidewalk Slam" with a Booker T's Spinebuster. I've never referred to a Dino Bravo-style side slam (a side suplex to some) as a Sidewalk Slam.
  5. I wanted start a topic encapsulating wrestling maneuvers that are called 'incorrectly'. Either the names have been lost in translation or an 'incorrect' name has been popularized rendering the 'correct' name obsolete.I used quotes because who *really* knows what's correct or not? This thread isn't to blame or to shame; I'm hoping to learn a few things & have some fun discussing the prowres. I'll start.. Somersault Plancha- I was always told that 'Plancha' came from the Spanish word planchar (to iron). This meant to flatten out and would go on to describe any maneuver where an opponent would flatten their chest (Pescado, drop down, cross body). By this logic, a somersault plancha would be a 450 pescado? Either way, I refer to the move as a tope con hilo/giro (bump into your opponent w/ twist/flip). Rolling Elbow- mistranslated from ro-ri-n-gu e-ru-bo. When Masato Tanaka popped up in ECW, Joey Styles proclaimed to the world that ol' "Dangan" himself was the master of the ROARING elbow. Can't blame him though.. Roaring sounds pretty boss.Savate- Spinning kick to the midsection is often mistranslated as "sole butt" as to hit someone with the sole of your boot, I guess. The katakana for this maneuver is sa-bat-to and is meant to describe a kick from the art of Savate (French Footfighting). As a child I remember Haku and Stan Lane felling many a foe thanks to the mighty Savate (Thrust) Kick. Suplex/Suplay- From what I gather, the correct pronunciation of Suplex actually *is* SOOPLAY. Apparently the late, great Gordon Solie was the last true advocate for the former.Arm drag and twist- Ol' Tony Schiavone would call the "full arm dragon twist" whenever a wrestling would wring an opponent's arm prior to clamping on a wrist lock.. Also sounds pretty cool. I'm assuming that the same goes for the "drag and screw leg whip". Anyone? Enzuigiri- The main problem I have with this move is the incorrect pronunciation. Usually, it's sounded out like N-zuh-gurry. Back to the Japanese pronunciation, it should sound something like N-zuee-gee-ree. Yes, this is a bit nerdy. I digress...This is all that comes to my mind at the moment. Let the DISCUSS begin...
  6. Interesting. I'd never heard that. What was the Warlord doing prior to their pairing? I can imagine him going "shit... I guess I'll take Hawk's hair since you already have a pretty decent 'Animal' going on... As a kid, I always assumed Nord the Barbarian was a poor Brody ripoff. It wasn't until I was older that I realized that he had actually teamed with Brody and was a protege(?) of sorts.The King Konga bit makes me think of King Tonga. I have plenty of questions re: Pacific Islanders but I will save that for another topic. Cheers!
  7. I'mma let y'all finish but "Master of 1,004 Holds" Chris Jericho is one of the best of ALL TIME. http://bumpdrunk.spreadshirt.com/my-favorite-wrestler-A11876298/customize/color/2
  8. Don't know if Konga is a 'stretch' per se as I believe the Powers of Pain evolved from the Roadies (anyone have cited confirmation from a shoot or an autobio?). I *do* want to go back and rewatch Arnold's Conan films to see what was transferred to the wrestling world.
  9. Love that Animal 8x10. I'd never seen that look & certainly don't recall his look or character from that era. Thank you for sharing. I'm also unfamiliar w/ the AWA's Master Blaster. Google tells me there was someone in Memphis w/ that name as well. Does anyone have any photos? This is all I could find... Pete- I love me some Black Warrior (and not just his torpedo topes). Do you happen to know anything about the 'origin' of his character or have any photos to post of his more extravagant outfits (entrance gear included)? I seem to remember him occasionally wearing a kilt. Great additions to this topic; thanks guys!
  10. This past weekend I decided to pop in Mad Max 2: Road Warrior & Beyond Thunderdome (I didn't have the original Mad Max at my disposal otherwise I'd have indulged on the whole trilogy). I hadn't seen either movies since childhood & thought it'd be fun to revisit the films with a pair of adult eyes; I was not disappointed.What really struck me was how influential these films were to the world of professional wrestling. I guess I knew most of the references but, once you line them all up, it's rather impressive. Let's take a look..-The Road Warriors: This is clearly the most obvious choice. The name, the outfits, the face paint (not the designs, but just the existence of the paint itself). The shoulder pads in particular. Does anyone know if any wrestlers wore pads as entrance gear prior to the Roadies? Let's also not forget that Hawk & Animal were the precursor for other similar teams like the Powers of Pain & Demolition. -Lord Humungus/Humongous: Blatantly lifted from 'The Road Warrior' and dropped smack dab in the middle of Memphis. The moniker was used by Sid Vicious & Bull Buchanan among others. -the Ayatollah of Rock & Rolla: one of Humungus' nicknames, aped by Chris Jericho -pro wrestlers Mad Maxx, Super Maxx & Mad Maxine: I don't know a great deal about these three but I have to assume they were influenced by the movies (?) especially Maxine.-Thunderdome: Dusty Rhodes has gone on record to say that he got the idea (or at least the idea to seal the top of the cage) for War Games from Thunderdome. -Bust a deal/face the wheel = spin the wheel/make a deal -MasterBlaster: The Krang-like character wasn't copied but the name was given to Kevin Nash & his partners (Steel, Iron & Blade) for a brief period in WCW -Finlay's jacket: The half shoulder padded, half leather studded jacket. I always wondered what the hell he was trying to pull off there. Am I missing anything? Are there any movies/series that come to mind that have been nearly as influential to wrestling? Curious to hear what everyone thinks..
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