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  1. I really don't know who is doing more to kill my interest in the product: the booking or the constant need to think and say 'Fucking hell, they are not burying DB you stupid fucks. It's not that serious.' Honestly, hiring him might of been one of the worst moves in recent memory. We get it. Unless he is going out there with a guy his size and working hour long matches that he is winning every last one of those sons of bitches, DB is getting buried because Vince hates him. You don't need to remind the rest of that each segment and match he is involved with. At least with guys like Eddie and Ye
  2. Y'all hate on Sheamus now, but fuck you guys. I rather see him hoss it up and walk tall over motherfuckers. Hope he comes back and want some of Barrett. At least those never ending matches are good and when the heel does win, you take notice of it.
  3. Wait, his name isn't really Charlie Sheen? And I grew up calling my elders either Mr. [last name] or Ms. [first name]. So, I'd call him Mr. Sheen too. So weird for me when young people call old men by their first name. Idk
  4. I'm a CPhT in school to be a N-P. The idea that a guy being skilled enough to save a guy from a heart attack doesn't know enough shit about infections to say 'yeah, you ain't workin tonight' is laughable. Especially when MRSA infections can be deadly, contagious and are usually so painful that you can't do shit while you have one.I know people have an either 'you can't stand the shithead' or 'you want him to stick something in you' view when it comes to Punk, but come on. Common sense ain't for everyone, I know.
  5. Z-Pak is a nick name for Zith-Pak, or as the commonly dispensed generic name of azithromycin. When it's in 'pack' form, it's 6 tablets of azithromycin 250mg. The most common prescription calls for the person to take two the first day and then one of the remaining four every day until gone. If you are allergic to amoxillcin (or any 'cillin) or sulfa, you're probably get a prescription for a z-pak because it's the third most common antibiotic. If you go to an Urgent Care place because you have a funny cough, you'd probably get one. It also comes in a Tri-Pak, which is three pills of azithromycin
  6. I'd like to believe that most wrestlers go out for a beer after the show with each other to prove there's no hard feelings for the shit they did to each other during matches. But how the fuck do you approach a guy to say sorry for that shit? Do you wake him up or check him into a hospital or what...
  7. Are you seriously anti-HHH and NXT? When did your soul die?I really don't give a shit about NXT. It could be all the praise and shit people get while they are down there and only the Shield (whom weren't event an act in NXT I think) hit the ground running on Raw. Then people have the nerve to bitch that the person they have 'grown' with isn't the same character once Raw gets a hold of them. But we've had this stupid debate several times. Or it could be that I miss when it was suppose actually, you know, force people use the shit that writers can come up with and make something out of it. My l
  8. Nope because he isn't going around telling everyone who gives a damn that NXT is his baby and how NXT is his and only his baby and that NXT is still just his baby. Cuz you know, NXT is the cool thing these days.
  9. With that and gay marriage being legal now in Alabama, who would've thought 50 years ago the most racist state would be the most progressive? Fuck you California.
  10. Most places have either went 'it's just black John Cena' or gay related insults.
  11. He also brought up the fact that the country they are touring in treat women like shit. I can get why the company and fans would ignore that part. Sexist fucks.
  12. The Big Man is much cooler cuz it's hossier.
  13. I think Brie is a much better face as she is naturally sweetfaced and all, but the amount of hate the Bellas get online is amusing.
  14. So glad wrestling is the only live show in which people actually pay to be miserable fucks. That or there must be some strong ass glue that keeps people in their seats at the show. Wonder if these same people would go to a game featuring their shitty football team just to look like jack asses. If they are Jets fans the answer is yes tbh.
  15. Orton has been a top guy for almost ten fucking years. Ryback got push before a returning Rock (a guy that shown to actually move number and boost PPV sales) but Ryback has also show that he can get over anything they want him to be over.Where the fuck does Big E come close to those guys? He hasn't shown any personality and being a JTTS's girlfriend's lackey isn't a big push. It just means he was given a cliche role and got an IC title reign that didn't mean shit because the guy didn't know how to connect wih the crowd. Which doesn't mean something since they ain't teaching down in development
  16. True story: my sister and I had to go to downtown Phoenix to handle some business. We walked by Sheriff Joe's office and i said we should go say hi. My sister, who verily looks the part Native and Black we are, said 'easy for you to say! He ain't gonna look at you like you did something he wants to know about!' I have olive skin. Lol. And Stan Hansen is dreamy. Fuck you guys.
  17. More people watch Total Divas than any other wrestling related show besides Raw and SD in America. Better an extra than a main eventer on a show that no one watches.
  18. This is pretty much everything I want my husband to be tbh
  19. Orton works best against guys that like to pinball for his offense. If he has good matches with Ziggles, I don't see why him vs Rollins would be bad. Rollins even does way flashier shit than Ziggles too.
  20. Lethal and Flair's woo off in 2010 is damn good enough to make all criticisms about Lethal useless. Besides, he has a great punch, is likeable and is one of the few guys to make a 'homage to ___' gimmick work. They didn't screw up ADR. The fact that he got a rocket shoved up his ass and the crowd reacted to him like their was a random diva match every night screwed him up. The guy could kill a crowd like Alicia Fox in no time. He just didn't have any charisma to back up his push. The Rumble crowd in 2011 was losing their collectively ever motherfucking minds when they thought Santino had won.
  21. It did take a while for people to give a shit about Paige because it took a while for to stop trying to cram 10 minutes of shit into a 2 min sack. Y'all worried for the other NXT divas better hope they start getting shorter matches.
  22. People are still using 'he's over in NXT' when comparing them to the main roster? Very few NXT call ups the last few years have been worth a shit.
  23. Way to book into my idea that DB is going to get tired of being the nice guy cuz it hasn't gotten him shit. He got his ass kicked 4 on 1 and no one bothered to help him lol
  24. Back in my day people didn't even BRING signs. And you could SEE the fucking show. And we LIKED it. Fucking grandpa.
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