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  1. Came in here to say AJ is 100% in the right. Randy Orton doesn't get to quit his title match & beat off to twisted, goofy mind games for 2 weeks while another man earns his title shot, & comes back deciding he wants the match
  2. I toyed with not watching this season as a book reader. But fuck that shit! I'm on board for actually being surprised with everyone else this time around. Pumped!
  3. Every year since 2008: "Who do you think will win the Natl. Title?" "Ah, I don't know. Probably Bama." Correct 50% of the time 2016-2017 "Ah, I don't know. Probably Bama."
  4. As a Gamecocks fan this is very frustrating. I think we just scrambled when Fuente and Smart went elsewhere. I honestly think Muschamp will be three and done. We'll likely have three consecutive 4-8 or 5-7 seasons (maybe one bowl appearance) and he gets canned because.....he sucks.
  5. My brother just said he got an alert on his phone that Will Muschamp is expected to be named the new head coach of South Carolina. Dammit.
  6. So, how long will it take before GS drops one? They're definitely in trouble of losing at least one of these next six away games.
  7. I know I keep bringing it up, but I'm terrified for my Gamecocks. We really need a strong coach who can recruit and who doesn't call four fade outs in a row on the goal line.
  8. South Carolina's situation doesn't look good right now. Muschamp? Please God no.
  9. Of course, this means OU will be 3 or 4 on Tuesday night. The committee is the committee.
  10. Nah, man. Fuck that conservative shit. I love when teams play to win the game. They just didn't execute the two point play and the Oklahoma defender made a great play. The guy was open.
  11. The Big 12 are beating themselves. After this week, if Baker Mayfield isn't healthy, is it crazy to say that Baylor has the best shot to make the playoff if other teams fall? Not to assume that Boomer Sooner will lose to Okie State without Mayfield. Just saying it makes it more difficult to win.
  12. Yeah! Go the fuck away Buckeyes! I thought they would beat up Sparty. Gladly, I was wrong.
  13. A few years ago I would have never predicted my Gamecocks to lose to an FCS team. This is bad. Unless we hit a home run with a new coaching staff in the next few years I gotta believe it'll be at least five, maybe ten, years before we can compete in the SEC again. Fuck.
  14. As a Cowboys fan I really hope we win out as Romo will likely be back this week. With our luck we'll win out and somehow NOT make it to the playoffs. But really, we're not winning out.
  15. I remember. Didn't Wittingham get shit for voting Utah one in the Coaches poll at the end of the year?
  16. I still don't know how the Boise kicker missed both those kicks vs Nevada. From the live angle, I thought he made the first one he "missed" at which point I thought the NCAA were out to screw Boise. They were playing in Nevada...
  17. Cam would have been hard to beat for sure. God I hated the 2010 Auburn team. SC played them TWICE. The first one was early in the year and really close. I think Cam, McCaleb, and Dyer all had 80 yards rushing or more. Something crazy like that. Then the embarrassing hail mary at the end of the half in the title game....
  18. Yeah, that was 2010. I always rooted for non-BCS teams to make it to the National Title. That one was a particularly disappointing loss to watch. Oh how the kicking game can kill you. 2010 wasn't all bad though because that was the beginning of my South Carolina Gamecocks winning a lot including the East Division. Those days seem so long ago...
  19. I predict chaos with everyone in the top 10 losing except Bama. The playoff will be Bama and who ever else stumbles into the 2-4 spots.
  20. Well, Derrick Henry's winning the Heisman.
  21. I also don't get how Iowa State plays one, maybe two great games a year against ranked teams then disappears into a mediocre team at best. I also would hate them If I were an Ok State fan.
  22. I get I'm not in the game across from them or coaching against them, but the fearful play calling of Mississippi State on that last drive of the half was cowardice. Too many teams are afraid of Bama. Coach with some balls. It looks like Drake broke his arm?
  23. The Iowa and Baylor ones are great because: 1) I imagine that being the reaction of the Hawk when they saw Iowa at #5. 2) The bear getting smacked back is a great representation of the committee's feelings towards Baylor.
  24. Nakamura had a better year in the ring but Rusev had the overall package. I also don't think he's that far behind Nak in the ring.
  25. I didn't vote for Cena because Tanahashi has bad strikes. I voted for Cena because he has better matches than Tanahashi in the last year. I was just pointing out the problem with Tanahashi's bad strikes.
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